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Digital Foundry Examines Bayonetta 2 On The Nintendo Switch

The tech enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry have taken a look at Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Switch and are pleased with how it performs on the platform. The team says that the game runs better than the original version of the game, which can be found on the Wii U. Here’s the main points you need to know courtesy of ResetEra member, Toni Codrea.

  • 720p in both modes, visual settings are identical, still no AA.
  • Docked is usually 10-20FPS faster than Wii U, still dips below 60FPS at the same stress points.
  • Undocked performance is better than Wii U but not as good as docked

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    1. your full of shit its widly known bayo 2 had a wobbly framerate on wiiu as do all platinum games on most platforms bayo 1 and 2 are known for wobbling framerates

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      1. Wobbly framerate my ass I played bayonetta 2 from start to finish multiple times on high difficulty settings including the first bayonetta game.I didn’t experience any major problems only minor framerate drops during big boss battles that quickly resolved itself within a second.In no way did it effect my enjoyment of the game.Digitalfoundry likes to over exaggerate everything I don’t take their glorified opinions seriously anymore.I trust my own judgement when testing a game out not digitalfoundry who don’t always know what they’re talking about.Complaining about the framerate of bayonetta 2 on switch is dumb because it’s apparently improved over the Wii U version. Bayonetta 2 ran fine on Wii U it was good enough I know because I’ve actually played it multiple times unlike some people here.


      2. It sounds to me your a digitalfoundry fanboy who’s butthurt because I’m speaking the truth.I wouldn’t say bayonetta 2 on Wii U ran fine if I never played the game.I have actually played this game you idiot you probably haven’t so you’re the one who is clearly full of shit.


    2. Agreed nobody cares what digital foundry have to say, i played the game all the way through and didn’t notice any framerate issues at all if it isn’t visible to the naked eye who cares


    3. Nobody said it ran badly on the Wii U, just that it didn’t always run at 60 fps. They also aren’t nitpicking every game because they aren’t reviewing any games. They’re simply looking at them on a technical level. They never said “Don’t buy it because the frame rate dips”.


    4. nah u aint speaking “the truth”, ur just speaking tht the framerate didnt bother u at all, and only notice the bigger framerate drops. Its fine if it didnt bother u but it was proven by DF. Unless u can grab urself some capture hardware for Wii U and show us otherwise…..or show any other YT channel tht did a framerate analysis. Their statements are neutral and not being “fanboyish” about a game they love. Ppl like u take it as an “attack” to something u like. A few of them stated tht they loved the series, doesnt mean they shuldnt criticize it. For example, I love MH World and the series but even I admit theirs some things I dont like about it.
      and plz calm down and act civilized instead of throwing around insults. Makes ppl take u less seriously and not wanting to listen wht u hav to say.


  1. I hope the port can squeeze out a little more performance before ship, but maybe they want to rely on the Switch’s specs for any performance boost in order to minimize the effort needed to port the game while they work on Bayo 3.


    1. Bayonetta 2 on switch will probably get future update patches like zelda breath of the wild.Zelda breath of the wild on switch had it’s performance improved like the framerate and a slightly higher resolution.I’m sure it’ll happen with more optimisation as the switch is more powerful than the Wii U.

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      1. They didnt raise the resolution “a little higher”. Its still the same 900p. But I agree tht the performance was improved even though the Korok forest still has drops but doesnt really bother me tbh.


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