Nintendo Switch

Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope Coming To The Switch In May

Natsume have finally revealed that the latest iteration of the Harvest Moon series coming to the Switch is Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

The title was originally released on the PC in November last year, but its release on the Switch and PS4 will be a “special edition”. What the new edition of the game will have that is different to the normal version is yet to be revealed.

Natsume have advised that they will announce the details of the special edition soon, so we will keep you posted with any new information once it’s available.




      1. I’m not talking about graphics, there are plenty of very nice games with primitive graphics, but the visual style is the key. When the game looks like this, you surely know that there is very little effort put into it, because this just does not look good, even if it’s HD with 3D models. This just looks like a typical Android shovelware targeted for children, the perspective is really bad, the colors absolutely do not look good, and everything just looks like it was made in a very short time with a very little effort. If you enjoy this game, it’s great and I’m glad, Maybe you’re right and this can be a decent game, but decent is not good enough when you have plenty of much better farming games.

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