Video: Here’s The Splatoon 2 Off The Hook Hologram Concert

Japanese Splatoon fans were in for a treat this week as the Splatoon 2 Off the Hook hologram concert took place and people were naturally drawn to it. You can watch the incredible event unfold in the video down below.



  1. Not gonna lie, I cringed a little at the thought someone is in the audience enjoying this shit. The music was bad enough in game… the holograms were a pretty cool idea but, meh, just my opinion.


    1. Since you don’t like the music and think it’s “sh*t” everyone else in this entire world thinks it it too, just because you don’t like it.

      Buddy its just people’s tastes, people can enjoy things you don’t honbun. Don’t try to shame them or others because the world isn’t exclusive to you and your opinions

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      1. im not a fan but to say that you cant fathom why pepple watch this is selfish thinking yes you said it was an opinion but you still seem to try to force your opinion like yours is definitive over everyone else’s.


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