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Wii U Publisher RCMADIAX Has Been Denied Switch Development License

RCMADIAX who published a number of games on the Wii U eShop has announced on Twitter that it has been turned down by Nintendo for a Nintendo Switch development license. This means that the publisher will bring its next titles to Steam instead.





  1. I think this is a case where we can all legitimately say we couldn’t care less. This is a guy who develops on his own and is trying his best, I’m sure, but his talent is limited to say the least. I imagine he wanted to take advantage of the fertile grounds of the eshop at the moment and get a few unsuspecting people to part with their cash but it won’t be missed at all.

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  2. I can understand some of the criticisms of their games but why is everybody so vengeful about a company that’s realistically probably like one to three people daring to try to develope a game for the Switch?
    They make some really simple stuff but it’s not like they’re trying to trick anybody like that dude who made The Letter.

    It’s like you don’t want games from the biggest developers because fuck them but you also don’t want anything from the smallest ones because fuck them too.

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    1. Because the market place doesn’t need to be crowded with shovelware junk.

      It’s fine if these guys want to pursue game making but there are people like the Axiom Verge developer or that Ironclast or whatever the name is that took 7 years of hard work.

      There are so many talented indie developers. I just feel like this guy isn’t.

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      1. I can respect that but maybe he, as a creator, just likes simpler games. Maybe they’re not shovel ware to him.

        I just feel like we as Nintendo fans tend to shit on developers that aren’t Nintendo way more often than we should. If Nintendo says they don’t approve then we don’t approve. If a dev doesn’t want to make a game for Switch than they’re clearly idiots who don’t deserve anybody’s money…but also who cares.

        I can get why someone might have that opinion about larger studios to some extent but indie devs? The vast majority aren’t living comfortably. Some might not have the time and money to dedicate years to a game.

        Why not adopt the view of “That’s too bad. Maybe they’ll release something on Steam that gets them interest from Nintendo down the line.”?

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      1. Deserve? You don’t deserve anything. Stop riding your own dick.

        Developers make games and if they look good and you want to buy them then they deserve your money instead of you pirating the game for example. That’s the only thing anyone deserves in this player/developer relationship.

        Don’t act like you have some loyalty that should be rewarded or something especially when software sales for Nintendo’s last three consoles have been completely dominated by Nintendo’s own games. And I’ll admit that I was part of that problem.

        So I say again, what is this “we deserve better” bullshit.

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    1. Some people are feeling emotional because he supported the WiiU…
      Well, all I can say is, for those who want his shovelware, they can start an operation rainfall in his behalf… For me, I’m just fine with Nintendo doing quality benchmarking of the games on the eShop.

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    1. They must understand that the Switch need quality games like the upcoming indie game Fox ‘n’ Forest. By the way Commander, If you haven’t checked Fox ‘n’ Forest, look in youtube because its looking to be quite an excellent game.

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  3. I’m glad they didn’t make it. It’s not because their games are simple. It’s because they’re bad. I purchased one of them on Wii U (shame on me), and even though I understood it was a very simple game, the implementation was terrible. The physics were horrible, the graphics were lazy, the menus were clunky. It felt like it was the first project of a guy still learning how to develop games, and it shouldn’t be on game consoles or Steam. It should be just a personal project that does not ask money from others.

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  4. Fucking love how you hypocrites are mad af whenever you see a company turning down Nintendo and not releasing their games for switch, yet now that Nintendo is the one turning down an indie (Starting off with a single guy making games for wii u BTW) you guys trash on the indie company calling it stuff like “irrelevant” and calling “good riddance”. Wasn’t too long ago when I read people saying how Nintendo should support indies and let them on to their console, yet now you do a 180 because daddy Nintendo doesn’t want some. You really are Nintendrones.


  5. The majority of You guys confuse yourself and don’t research anything. He PUBLISHED games, but most of his ported games he didn’t make…theres plenty of publishers on Wii u and 3ds who port games and you don’t give them a hard time…


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