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Rumour: It Looks As Though Pokemon Switch Is Currently Being Localised

Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch could be coming to the platform sooner than we anticipated. The initial European translations for the next big Pokemon title are set to be completed between April and June 2018. They will then undergo localisation editing. Editors for the translation effort are being hired on a minimum six month contract. Exciting stuff if it proves to be true.


  1. Swell, sure hope what’s amongst these New Pokemon are based off a Dolphin, a Peacock, a Platypus, a Moose, a Hummingbird, and a Mosquito. It be even more appreciated if this next gen introduced us to More Mega Evolutions as well, lots of Pokemon out there could use em.


  2. These kinds of rumors if untrue, are very damaging to the developers. The fans have more hope that the game could release earlier than the team is ready for, which only irritates them when they realize an actual release is set for a later time. So far all we know for sure is that they have started development on the project and as of E3 2017 the project was in its early stages and we shouldn’t expect anything soon.

    Honestly, I’d be surprised if this game launched this year, I think a mid~late 2019 is much more likely if they plan on building a new Pokemon game ground up for the Switch animating 700~900 whatever the number is and overhauling the entire game from the avatar, to the world, to the battles and even the impressive Switch capable cutscenes. I think the next Pokemon game following this one could come out faster as they would just reuse assets created in this game, but this will likely take more time than people are expecting! Be patient, I don’t want to rush the developers, that’s how Sonic games are made, lol!

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    1. In their Q1 financial report, Pokemon Switch was listed as 2018 or later. So we know that as well. And what that sort of release date listing tells me, instead of simply saying TBA or 2019, is that Nintendo is dumping a lot of resources into this to get a Christmas release. That worries me both because Nintendo feels they need Pokemon this year and because the game may feel rushed as a result.

      Now the guts of a Pokemon game aren’t exactly difficult to build and Pokemon sequels have been pretty conservative in their innovation. Unless they really are doing an impressive overhaul to the core game, the biggest challenge is going to be the 3D modelling, and that’s actually the easiest thing for Nintendo to dump money into to expedite. There are many, many talented artists always looking for work and Nintendo has plenty on staff that can be sent over to focus on this.

      Click to access 170726_2e.pdf


      1. You are aware that Nintendo isn’t developing it, Game Freak is, right? Nintendo may be putting some funding into it, but Game Freak is calling the shots. They clearly have a 2018 goal, but they’re not going to rush it, so that “or later” appears in case it gets delayed.


      2. Nintendo is the publisher, the sole owner of any and all Pokemon trademarks, and share ownership of the Pokemon Company between themselves, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. Game Freak works for Nintendo.

        Does a developer actually call the shots on their games or release? You’d be pretty upset to learn just how much that’s not the case. The publisher is the one in the position of power. They dictates milestones that must be met to earn paychecks, set release dates, etc. A good publisher provides a fair amount of autonomy, but they are the ultimate decision makers. If they’re unhappy with the results of a milestone, they can demand changes. A dev can say that a game isn’t done, and the publisher can still force a release or drop the project if they don’t want to continue funding development. Furthermore, Game Freak’s success is also largely tied to the install base of Nintendo hardware, so Nintendo’s goals and success closely align to their own. Nintendo also does a fair amount of development support on every title. There is no reason why Nintendo wouldn’t allocate staff to assist Game Freak if an early release was necessary. I’ve personally seen this happen with Turtle Rock Studios on Left 4 Dead, when Valve put much of their staff on the at-the-time independent studio’s L4D to polish before release. It’s standard industry practice.

        My point is, that Nintendo (and Game Freak) are invested in Pokemon being released this year. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t bother with “2018 or later.” Both companies benefit from a Christmas release. It may not make it. It may or may not feel rushed as a result. We know very little, other than the fact that they have maintained a possible 2018 release as early as last month.

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      3. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Nintendo owns a little stock in GameFreak, too, so Nintendo actually has a bit more control over the Pokemon Company than some would think.


      4. Yeah, I’ve seen people say that they own half of GameFreak, but that seems false. I can’t find anything that supports that and they’re not a publicly traded company. The big thing is, even though they share ownership of the Pokemon Company, Nintendo owns all trademarks. The Pokemon Company just manages the brand for Nintendo. Pokemon is theirs, and GameFreak could not make a Pokemon game without them (Nintendo has made lots of Pokemon games without GameFreak). One way or another, Nintendo writes the checks.

        I found this article that breaks it down pretty well:

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  3. Considering this is a new platform they are developing for the thought of it being done this quick scares me. Hopefully it doesn’t feel like a rushed product. I’m okay with you taking your time Game Freak I just want the best possible Pokemon experience you can give us.

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    1. “Considering this is a new platform they are developing for the thought of it being done this quick scares me. ”

      How quickly has it been developed? Do you have any basis for concluding……any time in particular? Just because it was announced at E3 2017 doesn’t mean anything in terms of when work started.

      “Hopefully it doesn’t feel like a rushed product.”

      Does anything in Game Freak or Nintendo’s history suggest this is remotely likely?


  4. I don’t care WHEN they started development. A project can still be rushed out the door even if it spent 10 years in the making. *cough*FinalFantasyXV*cough* So please don’t be rushed! D:


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