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Deep Silver Bringing Manticore Galaxy On Fire To Nintendo Switch

Deep Silver has confirmed today that it’s bringing Manticore – Galaxy on Fire to the Nintendo Switch via the eShop. The game will be arriving on the platform on March 22nd so we haven’t got too long to wait. The game is part of the flagship sci-fi brand Galaxy on Fire and features HD Rumble support.



      1. Dead Island literally put my ass to put within 15 minutes of playing because of how NOT SCARY it is. Resident Evil 5 scares me more and both are in broad daylight which kills the mood.


      2. I don’t play Dead Island to get scared. I like playing it for the fun co-op. The gameplay is a lot of fun as well. I also love loot based/skill tree progression in games.

        I think you might of had the wrong idea going into Dead Island. IMO.


  1. Hey guys,
    I’m the Lead Designer on Manticore: Galaxy On Fire and as you can imagine, this is a pretty big day for us here at Deep Silver Fishlabs. I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan and Day One Switch owner (like with every other Nintendo console/handheld), so seeing our game right between Kirby and Donkey Kong in the Nintendo eShop is nothing short of mindblowing to me/us. Of course we’re even more excited to see what the press and especially you guys think when the game becomes available for purchase on March 22nd.

    As I saw a couple of questions come up here and elsewhere, I thought I’d jump into the comment section with my own 2 cents. Manticore: Galaxy On Fire is a purpose-built game for the Nintendo Switch that aims to deliver the best space dog-fighting experience possible on this platform.

    To give you a better picture on what you can expect, here’s a list of the highlights from my side:

    1.) Full premium experience without any sign of micro transactions, focusing on the narrative driven story campaign
    2.) Challenging missions laid out across a story campaign that’s divided into 3 Acts
    3.) Exclusive new Game content added with Act 3: 6 additional locations, 5 story missions and 3 “distraction” missions
    4.) Completely reworked upgrade system that’s tied to your story progression
    5.) 1080p/60 fps docked, 720p/60fps handheld mode, which looks and plays rad
    6.) More open game structure, meaning you can jump from one location to another via wormholes, access the galaxy map during gameplay, fly to the Manticore (your mothership) to change equipment etc.
    7.) Seamless transition to exploration mode after you’ve beaten a mission in that location
    8.) Intuitive User Interface purpose built for the Nintendo Switch including in-game HUD, navigation in the hangar, galaxy map, mission overview, player profile etc.
    9.) Reworked controls that work naturally with the Joy-Cons/Pro Controller
    10.) Utilisation of Switch-specific features like HD rumble and accelerometer
    11.) 3 different difficulty levels selectable in the main menu and anytime during gameplay
    12.) Capture and share cool screenshots via the Switch’s capture function
    13.) Additional options like active/passive auto alignment of your ship and aim assist

    We hope this makes you even more excited for the game and we’d like to thank you for the feedback and support so far.
    A gameplay trailer will be released soon that will reveal more of the awesomeness that lies ahead for sci-fi action fans on the Nintendo Switch.

    We cannot wait till everyone gets their hands on it on March 22nd.


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    1. Sounds awesome! Once I can see some gameplay I can say with confidence it will be a day one purchase. (Please pass along getting Dead Island/Dead Island Riptide/Dead Island Retro Revenge on the Switch!)


    2. ||Will it have some sort of backstory regarding the two previous ones or will they be released one day too?…||


    3. Thanks for making the game for the switch it seems a lot of effort has been put into the game.Especially in docked mode which you’ve taken advantage of so we get full 1080p 60fps which sounds great.This sounds like my type of game I liked star wars rogue squadron on the gamecube I don’t know if this game is similar in any way.


      1. Hi Paul! Yeah, it’s been really a matter of the heart for us to deliver the best version possible on the Switch and I bet a lot of people are going to be surprised when they see it in motion. I also loved the Rogue Squadron games (bought RS2: Rogue Leader alongside the Gamecube on launch day back then) and I think that’s a fair comparison. Also Starfox, Strike Suit Zero, Everspace…if you like any of these games, Manticore might be exactly what you’re looking for.


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