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Kamiya Already Has Ideas And Concepts for Bayonetta 4

The wonderful Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 launch today for the Nintendo Switch and you can read our review here. Bayonetta producer Hideki Kamiya is currently hard at work at the third entry in the action-packed series on the Nintendo Switch, but that hasn’t stopped him from thinking about what’s next. Kamiya says that he already has ideas and concepts for Bayonetta 4. It’s a long way off but something to get excited about nonetheless.

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  1. Sometimes it’s nice to have a plan for future entries in a franchise you want to continue for years to come instead of “going with the flow.” Nothing wrong with going with the flow, either, for story writing/telling. It always depends on the writer, really.

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      1. Well, sooner the better.
        I know Nintendo was boasting that they only want to show games that are about a year away from release.
        But I’m afraid Bayo 3 will be fall 2019 title.


  2. After all the Bayonetta hype happening the last few days I think I’m finally going to dive in to the series. I liked what I played of the demo on Wii U, but was unsure and never picked it up.

    Here is to hoping I enjoy them.


    1. If you like action games like devil may cry combined with the gigantic bosses of god of war you won’t be disappointed as bayonetta is awesome.God of war was previously my favourite action game but bayonetta is far superior.

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      1. I’m a God of War and DMC fan, but the only thing I wasn’t sure of honestly was the over sexualizing of everything. I’m not a prude at all, but I pretty much have to keep looking over at my scowling wife the whole time I play; at least that is how it went down with the Wii U demo.


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