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Writer Ian Flynn Says The New Sonic Comic Series Is A Fresh Start

Game Informer recently had the chance to catch up with writer Ian Flynn to discuss the upcoming Sonic comic series. Flynn says they are approaching the new line of comics as a fresh start with a blank slate. You can read the full Game Informer interview, here.

You had some issues in the works before Sonic went to IDW. Will old fans get a sense of closure with the upcoming relaunch? Is it, in any way, going to continue or be based on some of the lore you established over the years?

IDW is brand new. There’s no connection from before aside from the creators that are involved. All of us are approaching this as a blank slate. This is fresh, new, just-off-the-vine Sonic. You don’t even have to be super familiar with the games to get into it. If you know that Sonic is fast, he fights robots, and Dr. Eggman is a villain? Boom. You’re set. I’m going to jump in and treat this series how Sonic adventures should be. Fast-paced and fun. Takes itself seriously enough so that you’re engaged, but not so serious that you’re rolling your eyes and saying, “Come on, this is a blue hedgehog. Chill out.” I would love for there to be an opportunity down the line to at least cover the notes of what I would’ve done with the old series, but we are in uncharted waters at this point. The IDW book hasn’t even launched yet. It’s brand new and so is our relationship with Sega. We’re feeling out what everyone’s comfortable with and what we can do with the future. So right now, I’m not focused so much on resolving the past as I am setting up a successful future. Whatever comes from that down the line should be interesting.


12 thoughts on “Writer Ian Flynn Says The New Sonic Comic Series Is A Fresh Start”

  1. As if we didn’t already know this.

    Here’s SEGA’s typical formula: Make a divisive creative decision in the franchise, keep us in the dark about it for months, and then confirm what we already suspected.

    Good thing we have the Archie online fan continuation. But if SEGA is willing to erase a comic for big bucks, would they go as far as to condemn a fan comic that continues what they turned their backs on?

    Needless to say, the SatAM Freedom Fighters are dead. And no, there is no place for them in the free world of the SEGA canon.

    1. I already don’t like this and I have only read the comic that was included in the game of Sonic Mega Collection in the extra of the menu. It was so well made that starting from cero without counting characters as Sally, Anthony and the the half rabbit half robot (I don’t remember her name right now) would be disliked by many.

    2. Yes, that one. Hopefully they change their minds when people starts to argue with IDW and Sega for not including these characters.

      1. They still got Sally, Bonnie, Antoine, Honey, Bark, Bean, Nack, Shade, Ray and Mighty because they made appearances in their licensed games and cartoon. In fact, they should suck it up and buy out only a handful of popular characters from Penn..whoever he is that sued them starting from Sonic Chronicles game.

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