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Emily Rogers:”A Smash Bros Title Will Be Announced And Released For Switch Later This Year”

Investigative sleuth and Nintendo insider Emily Rogers is reporting on Reset Era that Nintendo plans to release a Super Smash Bros title this year for the Nintendo Switch console. The game will be announced this year and will release possibly towards Christmas. Nintendo has apparently added brand new content to the game as well as reworking some of the assets from the existing Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the popular game. Here’s what she had to say:

I can only confirm two things:

A Smash Bros title will be announced and released for Switch later this year.
2. They added brand new content and re-worked some of the existing Wii U/3DS content.

Update: Emily contacted with this tweet.

Side note: To clarify, I never said whether it was a sequel or a port. I only said they’ve been preparing an announcement for a Smash Bros title on Switch. I don’t know whether it’s a sequel or a deluxe definitive port.


Thanks to LukasM for the news tip!

99 thoughts on “Emily Rogers:”A Smash Bros Title Will Be Announced And Released For Switch Later This Year””

  1. Nintendo First Order Sub-Commander Cereza

    Mixed signals. She doesn’t say “They’re re-releasing Super Smash Bros for Wii U with additional content”
    Instead, It implies that it’ll be a different game, then randomly talks about how they’re updating the existing Wii U and 3DS versions of smash.

    1. It doesn’t imply that at all. It makes it sound like they’ve added new things for the title they’re working on as well as changing already existing stuff that they’re putting into the game.

      aka another deluxe port.

      1. “Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information to speculate whether Smash Bros will be branded/marketed as a “deluxe definitive edition port”, a “half-sequel” or a “full sequel”.”

        Personally, I’ve been expecting something like a half sequel branded as Super Smash Switch. I figure that they’ll avoid the Deluxe moniker, keep the guts the same, and really focus on content. But this rumor says nothing more than what we’ve already guessed at: Smash later this year, may or may not be a new, sort of new, or full on port.

      1. Reply to @ninetalesmaster a lot of people like me and other want Adventure Mode, new characters and Smash Run. That’s why most of us don’t want a port of Smash Wii U.

      2. I feel like a lot of people dislikes ports without realizing what good it could bring.
        Smash could be great as a game as a service game.
        Why reinventing the wheel and reworking everything from scratch when you can add content (characters, stages, smash run, adventure) and fixing some gameplay/balance issues?

        Like… what do you expect from a brand new smash? It won’t look better because the switch power isn’t that much better than the Wii U, it will feature the same characters and musics, the stages will be similar…

        So… why?

        1. I think it’s a question of bringing new content instead of doing a simple port.

          Just look at the sells of Bayonetta 2. The game didn’t sells so much because the game offer the same content of the Wii U edition.

          If Nintendo is gonna do a simple port people will not buy it

    2. Every smash since 64 has implemented old content into it. 64 stages in melee, Melee and 64 stages in Brawl, Brawl Melee and 64 stages in Sm4sh.
      What she’s saying here is a literal catch-all for a direct port, a revamped deluxe port and an entirely new sequel.

  2. Rumor, Emily Rogers… I won’t get my hopes too high.

    Hopefully it’s building off the foundation of Smash 4. As much as I’d like a brand new Smash title, Smash 4’s roster is just impossible to top if they’re starting from scratch again. Which I don’t think they’ll do. They could easily sell it again if they added a bunch of new content.

      1. Yeah I know the chance is low but knows, remember when people thought that Cloud would never appear in Smash? So there is a slight possibility that X and Zero come in Smash. Not to mention that all Megaman X games are coming to Switch (but I will not have high expectations just in case).

      2. As much as I would have preferred Sora, Geno, or a Final fantasy protagonist that started out on a Nintendo system, I don’t have a problem with Cloud. I’m grateful we finally got a Square-Enix representative in Smash bros. Besides, it’s not like Cloud has never been on a Nintendo system before. As for X and Zero, even if X replaces Megaman, 2 Megaman characters is unlikely. We have never had more than one guest character per franchise. As much as I would like Megaman to be the first (or at least one of the first) 3rd party franchise(s) to have more than one representative, do you have any idea how long we had to wait just for Sakurai to consider putting Megaman in Smash bros? I respect your opinion, but I’m just being realistic.

  3. I would be happy with basically just a smash 4 port as long as it has a decent single player mode. I’m not someone who is going to play online battle after online battle so I need that to make it worth my while as I barely touched the Wii u version because it had very little outside of the core battles.

  4. This is definitely happening I believe, and it is almost certainly a port. Combining all of the portable and console assets into one huge package makes absolute sense, I can even see them playing up that combination in the trailer since the Switch is also a hybrid of the two.

    This would allow them to retain a killer roster while bulking it out with new DLC packs, characters, and modes, without having to start from scratch. Otherwise they don’t really have a killer app on their hand this year, as no way does Metroid and Pokemon make it.

    This is absolutely happening.

    1. Indeed, speaking of Emily Rogers, made me remember Laura Dale which made predictions that gave her more credibility than Emily. I wonder why she hasn’t made more predictions?

      1. Laura Dale’s not credible, either. All she got right were some details about the Switch console and Mario + Rabbids.

        The other stuff she said included stuff like Mario Odyssey not being called Mario Odyssey, Beyond Good & Evil 2 being a Switch-exclusive with “Odyssey” as the subtitle (which is why she said Mario Odyssey’s name was wrong), Switch Pokemon game is a Sun/Moon port, Splatoon was a port and a launch title, 3D Mario was a launch title, Mario + Rabbids was a launch title, Rayman Origins instead of Legends, said the other leak that correctly guessed games like ARMS and 1-2-Switch was fake….

  5. I’m a fan of Melee and Smash 4, but I feel like I’ve played enough with 4’s mechanics and I’m hoping for something new in that department (weight, attacks, etc.) even if they reuse a lot of code from 4. I also hope eventually that the roster is downsized, tightened/balanced, and then re-expanded through updates a-la Splatoon. Hoping this is more of a sequel, which is not undoable by any means. It’s been four years since Smash Wii U, so this could be way more than a Vanilla port. Melee came out just two years after Smash 64. Side note: how hype is that? Can you imagine playing the first Smash and then a year later Nintendo being like, hey we’re making that twice as big and beautiful. What a time that was!!!

  6. I would say all I want is Simon Belmont, but I’d be grateful if we get a new character at all. As long as it’s not another Sega character that is.

    1. From what I’ve seen 75% of the stuff she says is wrong, and 15% of the stuff she says is right, but it’s just her parroting stuff from other rumors that aren’t even original to her. One of the things she supposedly got “right” was Paper Mario for the Wii U, but anyone could’ve guessed that honestly. If I say an Animal Crossing game is going to be revealed at E3 and it happens does that make me credible enough to have articles written about me? No, but people seem to think this with Emily Rogers.

      1. 10% of the stuff she says is presumably right, but 10% is a generous estimate, it might be 5% instead. The stuff she got right is her just guessing stuff when it seems outright convenient to do so, not something that comes out of left field. If I were to give an example with one of her guesses being right was Zelda having voice acting, but it was filled with other wrong info like you being able to choose your gender in BoTW. I guess the reason why she came up with the whole gender thing was because of stuff like Linkle and Aonuma saying he was open to stuff like Zelda being playable in future titles in interviews, so to her it might’ve been the white time to make that claim. Then there was her claim that Mother 3 would be localized during its anniversary, and pretty much anyone could have the sense that it was coming due to the recent localization of Earthbkund Beginnings, but that turned out to be completely false.

        There’s never any real basis to her claims, all the stuff she says is about as credible as the average Nintendo fan who stays in the loop and speculates about things, and this headline is no different. There’s been rumors about Smash coming to the Switch even back when it was known as the NX, and the timing of this seems overly convenient when the Switch release of Bayonetta 2 had a slight tease of one of the characters making it in the next game. The fact she “doesn’t know” whether it’s a port or a sequel makes it all the more fishy to me.

        1. Probably, but saying Smash will be on the new system is like saying we’ll get a Mario Kart game, it’s an expected standard. The two big questions are whether it’s a port and when it will happen. Was she among the people who said it would be a launch title for the Switch?

  7. Emily Rogers is not a valid source. She was wrong about:

    – Female Link in BOTW
    – Mother 3, GTA & Soul Caliber 5 coming to Wii U
    – Paper Mario & Animal Crossing’s dates on the 3DS
    – Mario Odyssey being a launch title
    – Splatoon being ported AND a launch title
    – Skyward Sword being a launch window title for Switch & more announcements

    & more. Just because she gets 20% of her guesses right doesn’t make her any more intelligible and educated as any other Nintendo fan. Even then, that 20% is something many other well known fans and not so well known fans guess often depending on the circumstance. Same case for Laura Kate Dale.

  8. Ahh yes, the same woman who said Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be a Switch exclusive. She lost all credibility with me on that.

    Also, I HATE when people do what Emily does. If she is right, she is praised as being incredibly well informed and connected, but if she is wrong then it is not her fault, as she was given false information. There is no consequences to if her “predictions” are accurate or not, so why do we give these people attention?

  9. Something tells me it’s another Wii U port but hopefully no Smash Tour because it’s shit, hopefully more original characters to replace clones like Dr. Mario/DarkPit and even halve FE out since they’re too many and play the same.

  10. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Ah yes. The woman that steals other people’s information then passes it off as her own. When it’s proven true, she’s heralded. When wrong, it’s not her fault but the fault of the people she stole the information from. So I wonder who was the poor sap she stole this from? (I wonder if she works at King. I hear they like to steal other people’s shit and pass it off as their own, too.)

    1. I think she’s just speculating this time, there’s been rumors of a sm4sh deluxe or a 5ma5h game for a while now, and after that Bayonettta tease sparked some rumor discussion again, I guess it was the perfect time for her.

      Don’t you think it’s strange she’s been overly quiet in the community for some time now when rumors have been slow, but after a big rumor hits she comes out of the woodwork? Typical.

      1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

        Oh and I forgot to mention something. She’s also one of those people to say this will happen and then turn around to say this other thing could happen or these things could not happen at all. It’s basically a way for them to feel they were right when it’s proven true but also that they were right when it’s proven wrong. So basically no matter whether it comes true or not, they were right either way all along.

        Hell! I can predict that Metroid Dread will be in 3D with an open world and with the ability to switch between 1st and 3rd person viewpoints on the Switch! Coming 2020! Of course, it’s possible it won’t happen at all! See!? Can I have an article about me, too? Pretty please! lmao

      2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

        Fuuuck! That was meant to be to the damn article, not to another commenter! God I hate WordPress’s comment sections sometimes!

          1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

            And a delete button for us to use to delete our own comments, too, for when we accidentally respond to a commenter instead of the article or respond to the article instead of a commenter.

  11. Nothing to get too excited over. It’s most likely just a remastered version of the 3DS/Wii U game. And they probably won’t do a single thing to make ME like it. Like add a single player story mode ( or as some call it, campaign) that makes solo gamers feel that it’s worth playing. Seriously, I never got tired of a Smash Bros. game faster than the 3DS/Wii U ones. I didn’t even play the Wii U version for very long before feeling bored to death.

    Ever since the first Smash Bros. game on the Nintendo 64, I’ve wished Nintendo would make an RPG with an all-star Nintendo cast. Now THAT would appeal to me. Like, a Kingdom Hearts sort of game with Nintendo characters and worlds. Why hasn’t that been done by now?

    1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

      Same. I still have easy access to the 3DS version since I got it digitally downloaded but I don’t have drive or want to play it. The lack of characters to unlock didn’t help matters.

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    1. It will be probably just announced. Looks to be 2019 stuff. Also some things will get reused for sure, the Switch isn’t that more powerful than the Wii U. What’s important is a polished game with the Adventure Mode. I suppose that will be the big stuff added.

  13. As someone who bought the Wii-U six months before the Switch release on purpose (I won’t buy used consoles), I’m out on Deluxe re-releases after Mario Kart 8. I don’t see the point of diminishing my Wii U library or throwing money away on titles I just got a year ago. It would be nice to see Nintendo start adding more new additions to their franchises on the Switch instead of falling back on a library that didn’t get the attention it deserved.

    1. Problem is that Nintendo isn’t that big and works on many projects that take many years. It’s unable to make one new game per month. The ports are useful fillings since third party support is poor. Nintendo need to expand itself. High quality games do sells and should make Nintendo richer. They can just expand their portfolio.

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  15. I’m not a fan of the Smash Bros. gameplay (it’s just sweet for me, not joyous like a Mario 3D platform), still the game has tremendous value because of content (Nintendo’s characters, Nintendo’s music, Nintendo’s Art, Story). Personally I need that Adventure Mode, it will just build up on content. I do expect a lot of old content ported but I need that Adventure Mode. It will make the game a ‘festival’ like it was Super Smash Bros. Melee (the only one I played if I remember correctly, that was really gorgeous and ‘complete’). If they redo the menu I will be even happier (I like polished stuff).

  16. All Nintendo has to do here is copy what they did with Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors.

    Like Mario Kart 8, include all of the DLC within the game. I’d like to potentially see an option to have all the characters unlocked already, for those of us who have already done that in the Wii U version. Also if they can add to and fix the battle mode for Mario Kart 8, I would hope they have added some kind of single player mode like Adventure mode.

    Like Hyrule Warriors, take all of the content from the 3DS version, update the visuals to match the Wii U version. The exclusive stages and Smash Run should come over and be visually updated.

    Finally, add in at least a cut character like the Ice Climbers (though I don’t care for them) and call it a day. I don’t think they need to add a bunch of new characters, but if they do, then it’s even better. I still think that just having all of the Wii U and 3DS content in one package with all DLC included, would be enough. If they toss in a new single player mode and characters, that’s just icing on the cake and will guarantee future sales. Heck, new characters could come later in DLC, I just don’t think we need a built from scratch Smash Bros game any time soon. Just keep adding to this for a year or two. That’s just me.

  17. Being that this is an Emily Rogers prediction, I won’t get my hopes up.
    However if it does come out, I hope Nana and Popo are back. I’d also like to see Shantae and Golden Sun’s Isaac.
    I’m also going to hope, if it’s a Smash Bros 4 combined port, that they add more Smash Run stages. But I’d rather have a Smash Bros 5 game, of course.

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  29. Looks like she was right :) haha and im scrolling seeing all these angry comments saying shes not trustable. Of course not all the things she says are gonna be true but i just think its funny

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