The Netflix App On Wii U Has Been Updated

If you are still using your Wii U console for Netflix you’ll be pleased to hear it has received an update today. We are not too sure what changes it brings, but it’s probably various changes under the hood. It’s great to see Netflix still supporting the console that I imagine many of you still use on a daily basis.



      1. Really? How come Netflix don’t say a word about making an app? It shouldn’t even be kept a secret for a freaking streaming service app. Hulu didn’t have to nor did they complain about it being “hard” especially when Nvidia Shield has almost similar hardware and they have it right now. So those fuckers can spare me the bullshit. I’m not a programmer but I’m also now an idiot.


      1. And they bringed the app on the Wii U when this console didn’t sell so well. Pretty strange don’t you think?


      2. They never said that. Their last tweet on the matter said they are exploring the possibility but no definitive plans just yet.


  1. Bit weird that they’d time doing this for so few users when a lot of people want this on the switch. Although maybe there are more people using it than I think


    1. Lack of a Netflix app on Switch is not about willingness, but a technical issue. Switch does not yet support the kind of encryption needed for it to work, something it will in a future firmware update.

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      1. “Tell that to Hulu who manage to get their shit working without such “technical issue” excuse. They even updated it with some new nifty feature for God’s sake.”

        Has it occurred to you that all streaming services might not function the same on a technical level? A Tesla and a Ford Focus are both “cars”, that doesn’t mean they face anything approaching similar technical problems.

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      1. I don’t think Netflix just don’t want their app on a popular platform. It’s more plausible that Netflix and Nintendo didn’t reached an agreement. For that I blame all the two companies. It’s not ‘needed’ for Nintendo Netflix, but it’s needed by many of their customers. Anyway being more open to customers looks like didn’t do any fortune to Nintendo with the Wii U.


  2. I recently started using Netflix and my smart TV had a problem with the wifi receiver. Therefore, I am using the WiiU app. No problems there, but I wouldn’t mind an app for the Switch.


  3. So they updated the app on a dead console that’s no longer used by more than..IDK, 3 MILLION FUCKING IDIOTS but refuse to make an app on a much more popular and successful system the Nintendo Switch…gotta love these fools and their priorities. They must be EA.


    1. Exactly where are you pulling that number? Did you think that all 13 million Wii U owners sold theirs when/if they got a Switch even though the Wii U has games that the Switch doesn’t? Honestly, dude, take a vow or silence because you’re batting a thousand when it comes to dumb, childish comments.

      You even bitched when another commenter said the Switch doesn’t support a form of encryption that Netflix needs. I’m not even sure if that’s true but encryption is needed for security purposes and some forms may even be required by the licensing agreement Netflix has with anyone whose content they’re using. Who gives a shit if Hulu has the app. They’re a different company with different requirements.

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      1. It’s an exaggeration..almost because the system and support is almost as dead as the Vita. Also, 13 million is like a very mill compare to even the GameCube or Xbox 1..the original (good god that name is fucking dumb like Wii U).

        Again, if Hulu pulled it off, there’s no excuse for Netflix. It’s a fucking streaming app and if YouTube comes before Netflix, I’m gonna laugh, even cancel Netflix.


      2. Did you not read my comment. If Netflix does require system support for a certain kind of decryption than not only would the system be incompatible with the traffic from their servers but sending it without said decryption might breach contracts with content providers. YouTube and Hulu are different servers with different infrastructures. The majority of YouTube’s traffic isn’t even behind a pay wall so they’re likely using very little, if any encryption.


      1. Actually the switch is really rather good having owned one for 4 months.But to be perfectly honest the Wii U has the advantage of having the better games library which is understandable being over 4 years old.

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    2. You sound butthurt sorry but people who use the Wii U aren’t idiots. If anything the Wii U is far better than the switch because it’s games library is far superior and has way more features.The switch despite it selling far better than the Wii U is lacking loads of features and it’s games library whilst good is still quite limited.The switch is successful but still has a lot to prove to me,out of my switch and my wii U the Wii U gets the most attention from me.

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  4. At this point, it’s clear to me it’s either a technical issue with the Switch why it’s not on there yet or maybe Hulu paid off Nintendo to give them timed exclusivity with Switch before Netflix strolls up and drop kicks Hulu to the side. Has Hulu gotten their live TV service on Switch yet? If they haven’t, I can definitely see them paying Nintendo for timed exclusivity on Switch to keep other streaming services off of it til they can have that shit ready. Makes me wonder if Youtube is working on a Switch app right now and preparing their own live TV streaming service.

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    1. With these streaming services having their own live TV services, maybe Nintendo should reconsider Nintendo TVii. (But they most likely won’t, and even if they did, it’d be stuck on their stupid smartphone app. Ugh. I hope paid online comes with a system firmware update that adds the smartphone stuff into the system itself. The general idea of the smartphone app is a great idea but it’d be a shame if it’s the ONLY idea…)

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