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Japan: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Official Soundtrack Coming May 23rd

Nintendo has announced today that the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 soundtrack will be released in Japan on May 23rd. There will be three different editions of the soundtrack and those are detailed below thanks to Reset Era member Netto-kun

  • Type A is a package limited to Amazon Japan (2000 of these) and will cost 18000 yen + tax. The package includes:
  • USB memory stick shaped as a core crystal with serial number (??) on
  • 126 tracks stored on the memory stick (105 tracks from main game, 16 single tracks and 5 piano arrangements), all in 48khz/24bit wav format
  • Premium box and a 120p premium booklet
  • Piano score of the title theme “Where We Use To Be”/「在りし日のふたり」
  • Message card (w/e this is)
  • Type B as far as I can see is almost the same as the type A package, except it’s on CD (also limited to Amazon Japan) and will cost 7800 yen + tax. Oh and 44.1khz/16bit.
  • Type C is regular edition on CD (105 tracks) and will cost 4500 yen + tax
  • The OST (with 105 tracks) will also be purchaseable on digital stores such as iTunes, e-onkyo and victor with high resolution audio (96Khz/24bit).




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