Nintendo Switch

Japan: New Zoids Game Coming To Nintendo Switch

Takara Tomy has announced today that they have been busy working on a new Zoids title for the Nintendo Switch. It’s all part of the new Zoids Wild series which will introduce brand-new designs. The established series will also get an anime and a manga this summer in Japan. Details are scarce but the new Nintendo Switch title is part of a larger cross-media project.




  1. No, no. Must not let the fact I was a fan of the Zoids anime with Liger Zero get me hyped. I’ll wait for more information as it develops.


    1. Shadow Fox got retooled as Mirage Fox back in 2013. It’s basically a white Shadow Fox with Blade Liger blades and sleeker armor. Also comes with all the Shadow Fox armor and weapon parts so you can build it as a normal white Shadow Fox. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s cheap anymore.

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  2. I’ve been waiting for new info about Zoids. The last main Zoids release was Storm Sworder FSV in 2014. Since then it’s just been remakes like HMM which replace the motors for posablity and takes out the satisfaction of putting all the mechanical pieces together around a motor and watching it all work in the end.


  3. A new anime is coming out with this game?! And a manga?! Are you sure???

    Man, I love Chaotic Century so much – it would be great for Zoids to come back in a new series! Even if it wasn’t a GREAT series, it would at least show interest in reviving the franchise.

    And I would rather have the Shadow Fox than the Mirage Fox, too. ;)


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