Video: GameXplain Investigates What Nintendo Developers Are Up To

Popular YouTube channel GameXplain has uploaded a brand new video taking a look at what the various Nintendo developers are up to. Of course it’s all speculation at this point as Nintendo is extremely secretive when it comes to revealing things. However, it does make for an interesting video. Take a watch below!



  1. Rare is working on a new Donkey Kong. They are re-releasing Tropical Freeze on Switch and then next year we will get a huge Donkey Kong game. There is a fricken Donkey Kong ride coming to the Universal Studios Florida theme park in 2020.


  2. They are very fucking secretive when they don’t want to tell you their plans to the point of driving you mad. But when they DO speak about their plans, they just won’t shut the fuck up and reveal way too much information. Look no further than Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS & Hyrule Warriors. No surprise unlocks in the game because they spoiled everything on Miiverse and other social media sites.


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