Japan: The Super Mario Odyssey Soundtrack Launches Today

You can now purchase the sublime Super Mario Odyssey soundtrack CD in Japan. It’s available to import right here and will cost you $42. The Super Mario Odyssey soundtrack spans four CD’s and features 136 tracks from the critically acclaimed game.

“Features the entire collection of 136 tracks from the hit Nintendo Switch Game “Super Mario Odyssey.” It includes “Jump Up, Super Star!” and “Break Free (Lead The Way)” as well as their karaoke versions. Also includes a music box version of “Jump Up, Super Star!” and all the BGM tracks in 8bit version. Sleeve case packaging with two stickers (subject to change). Comes with a deluxe booklet with comments and settings.”




  1. Am I the only person that feels Video Game soundtracks are pointless? With the rise of the Internet as well as a dozen ways for people to record it themselves, there just seems to be plenty of alternative ways to do it for free.
    And before anyone says it; yes I am aware there are some soundtracks with exclusive music but I’m talking about music from the actual games.

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