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Japan: StreetPass Relay Stations To End Service On March 28th

Nintendo has confirmed today that the StreetPass Relay Stations service will end on March 28th in Japan. The Relay Stations basically provided a hotspot for Nintendo 3DS owners to StreetPass each other. This only affects the StreetPass Relay Stations and Nintendo says that StreetPass itself on the Nintendo 3DS isn’t going anywhere.




      1. Yeah. They’re supporting it like a failing student putting the bare minimum effort into their work.


      2. Exactly!! And they will keep coming. As for the street pass feature, the service is still there. It’s like the Switch now. Both consoles are equal :D


  1. It might be a cool feature, but the strength os the 3DS has always been it’s games. After all the service stays, the StreetPass Relay service will not affect normal StreetPass operations between Nintendo 3DS systems. It will not affect StreetPass Mii Plaza or any other software on Nintendo 3DS. Tt’s just the “stations” that stop. Personally, i won’t miss it.


  2. Shame. Oh well, though. I stopped caring about Streetpass Mii Plaza over a year ago and don’t really use it for any games, either, these days.


    1. In before Mike S —- Nevermind! He’s already in here! Stranga on the Pokemon GO articles, Mike S on the 3DS articles. No offense, guys, but you’re practically trolls on those articles. lol *shrug* Some inept fan of Sonic Forces thinks I’m a troll on those articles, though, so I’m apparently in the same boat as you two. (Once I play Sonic Forces and if I don’t like what I see, then he will be able to scream troll because I’ll be bashing that game to no end on every single article! No one fucks up Infinite with what I’ve heard is a shitty story and gets away with it!)


      1. It doesn’t matter if history is on your side. Nintendo is doing a lot of shit we never thought they’d do over the last few years. If someone told you a decade ago that Nintendo was gonna release a Zelda game that ignored every single tradition Link to the Past and beyond started, you’d laugh in their face and call them crazy. So even if they did do this or that before in the past, there is no guarantee anymore that they’ll do this or that now. E3 could roll around and we could see dozens of big titles announced for 3DS. Then when Nintendo isn’t doing what you expect or want them to do, you’re gonna get upset and get mad that they dared to continue doing what you feel is a stupid idea. So no, you aren’t spouting facts but shoving your assumptions & expectations down everyone’s throat. THAT is what a troll does. They shove their claims or whatever down people’s throats with a snarky/snide attitude and laugh when that person tries to dispute their words.

        That said, you and Stranga both need to cool it with these expectations from Nintendo. Because if E3 2018 rolls around & ends up being what you feel is E3 2015 all over again because they didn’t meet your expectations, one of you is gonna be angry for awhile & the other is gonna drop Nintendo like a hot rock again. Bring up Pokemon moving to Switch all you want. It’s not the sole reason the 3DS did as well as it has but only a small part because of Pokemon. Handhelds have not done so well on Pokemon alone. They never have. Handhelds have gotten this far because even when 3rd party support dropped for their home consoles, their handhelds continued to get massive amounts of it. And you think Nintendo is gonna drop all of that 3rd party support & support from the handheld fans for handhelds in the hopes the Switch can keep it’s 3rd party support & win over every handheld user? Not a chance in hell. Not right now, anyway. Now when the Switch hits 60m & Nintendo finds out that 80-90% of Switch owners sold their 3DS to get the Switch & are happy with Switch, then & only then will Nintendo drop that handheld support.

        But I will concede there is a chance that I could end up being wrong and that you are right. But with how Nintendo is right now, you have a pretty good chance of being wrong, too, with me being right. This isn’t the same Nintendo that Iwata left behind. That era ended a year after Iwata left this world. We’re in the Era of Kimishima now. Forget what you know of the past & expect some surprises & shock from Nintendo in the future. Because Breath of the Wild & Super Mario Odyssey are merely the beginning of Nintendo breaking out of their comfort zone with adhering to tradition. Dropping the older consoles when the new ones prove their worth is a tradition and the current Nintendo is curb stomping tradition at nearly every turn. But yeah. I get it. You know I get it because you know even I expect the 3DS to get dropped at some point. I just don’t expect total dropped support for the entire handheld market; least not yet. It’s too early for me to make that call without some major doubts creeping into the back of my mind. Having a home console & a handheld is a tradition, too, but that is one tradition I don’t expect them to drop just yet. We’ll both see at E3 this year what’s what.

        To be honest, it doesn’t matter if I’m right or if you’re right, because regardless of what happens and because I honestly don’t care as I’ll be fine either way with just a Switch or with a Switch and a handheld that replaces 3DS, I win because I’m gonna either be solely PlayStation til Nintendo is able to give me a reason to return or I’m gonna end up with a Switch (and a handheld) playing whatever games come to them that I want to play.

        Anyway, as much as I’d love to continue debating with you, I got a lot on my plate right now so if you disagree, let’s just agree to disagree & leave it at that between us. Oh & the troll part of my comment was mostly a joke, anyway, so don’t dwell on that part. lol I’ve had enough arguing with my dad over the last 2 days and I’d rather not argue with someone else. Good luck to us both.


      2. Also why do you think Nintendo is branching out to movies, theme parks, and mobile games? Maybe that’s their break in tradition so they can focus on one console. All the clues are there. If it’s the only place to play the games people want they’ll buy it. Games sell hardware, not the other way around. If there’s no dedicated handheld people will have to move over to play they want which is what is happening.


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