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Thomas Was Alone And Volume Could Come To The Nintendo Switch In The Future

Game developer Mike Bithell was recently asked by a fan on Twitter whether there were any plans to port indie hits Volume and Thomas Was Alone to the Nintendo Switch eShop. Bithell simply replied, never say never. Let’s hope he has something in the works for the platform.¬†Subsurface Circular¬†recently released on the Nintendo Switch eShop.


  1. And I could be an astronaut in the future. That’s not a reason to write an article about a tweet that someone said that something may or may not come in the future.

  2. Thomas was alone at the swings a strange man came along and said there’s fairy’s in the woods do you want to see them Thomas was amazed and wanted to go

    in the woods Thomas said to the man its very scary in here the man said yes Thomas its more scary for me because i have to walk back alone all by my self

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