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Zen Studios Has Announced It Has Cancelled The Patch For Pinball FX3 On Nintendo Switch

Zen Studios rushed to get their pinball title Pinball FX3 onto the Nintendo Switch and unfortunately it came with some issues notably the framerate. The company was going to issue a patch to fix it but have concluded that it would take extensive work to fix the framerate and have since decided to cancel the patch. Here’s what they said on Reddit:



      1. Exactly what do you expect them to do? They released a game for the system but the systems not powerful enough for them to universally improve performance without making optimizations per board. What’s up with Switch fans who have never written a line of code in their life acting like this shit’s easy, cheap, and totally worth it just for the Switch.

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      2. ignore that guy… that replied to you… he’e an idiot. it can run bc other big games than this runs and he didn’t read where they ststed “ rush to get the game on the switch”


    1. Most third party games have things like LODs, draw distance, LOD bias and things like that they can dial down for a Switch version. The fact that there’s really nothing all that dynamic about a pinball game means that there was never a need for them to do these things with Pinball FX3. The result is that they were able to tailor the graphics around the target hardware which was the PS4 and XBO without needing to consider the dynamic workloads that Mario Odyssey or Doom have.

      It’s also worth mentioning that Doom sometimes reaches sub-SD resolutions in portable mode and still doesn’t maintain a solid 30fps. Doom had the advantage of being able to halve it’s target frame rate and reduce it’s target resolution by 56% versus other platforms and still goes well below those targets so despite how nice it looks for a Switch game, I don’t understand why it gets so much praise on the technical front for getting it to run on the Switch. Odyssey animates distant NPCs at lower frame rates and uses a kind of interpolation in handheld mode, these are not tricks that can be applied to a pinball game.

      From what I’ve heard, Pinball FX3 reaches 60 fps in docked mode, it’s only in handheld mode that it goes below 30 and it goes for 720p in both modes. Considering the how pulled back the camera is and how dense the tables are they probably didn’t want to try for lower resolutions. They gave you the high framerate in docked mode, but handheld mode isn’t up to snuff. How is this being considered a lazy job?


      1. Sorry but don’t defend zen studios bullshit they clearly rushed the game out.Why even do this when they knew they had limited funds to begin with.I would rather have had the game delayed so it would of turned out better.Zen pinball fx 3 is a subpar port even zen pinball on the less powerful Wii U had way better detailed graphics and framerate.Don’t even mention doom on the switch as it was a good port and got patched recently which fixed most of the issues I had with the game.Panic button was true to their word and listened to the complaints but zen studios screwed me over.You seriously can’t compare a graphically demanding game like doom to zen pinball fx 3 lol a bloody pinball game and an ugly one at that.Doom on the switch is a solid game it looks surprisingly good and runs quite smoothly and I also played it on the ps4.Yes doom on the switch deserves all the praise it gets as it was a miracle it even runs on the tiny switch tablet at all.


      2. Where did your little brain put together that the Zen Pinball 2 was running at 1080p on Wii U? It’s running at 720p. Also the Switch is not overall more powerful than the Wii U in portable mode. Even in the one stat you know about the Switch in portable mode, it’s peak GFLOPS… not that you know what those are, it’s lower 157 GFLOPS on Switch versus 176 GFLOPS on Wii U. Of course, the Switch probably is more capable in shader performance than Wii U regardless of that. It’s still has a lower peak polygon rate and fill rate. It’s only it’s CPU that’s significantly better.


      3. The switch in handheld mode is more powerful than the Wii U which ran zen pinball 2 at 60fps with better detailed 1080p graphics.So yes it was a lazy port on switch it clearly wasn’t optimised at all how could it be when they rushed it out.Pinball fx 3 doesn’t look good for a switch game,the switch is capable of far better.Zen studios screwed up and also screwed over switch fans in general,well screw you zen studios you’re not going to get anymore of my money.


    2. Zen studios clearly rushed the game out on switch which is why it’s so underwhelming.Zen pinball 2 had far better detailed 1080p graphics and 60fps on Wii U a less powerful console even compared to the switch in handheld mode.Zen studios screwed up the game now they can’t fix it because they don’t have the funds to do so,well screw you zen studios.Just look at the bloody awful wwe 2k18 on switch a rushed game which turned out to look like a complete turd.


      1. You are quite ignorant when it comes to WWE games. I don’t think you know just how content heavy those games actually are. You are lucky they brought it to Switch at all and even managed to get it to work on docked mode, much less portable mode where the Switch is at it’s weakest.

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  1. Well, good luck selling the game. If they had little resources, they shouldn’t have made a game that people prefer in 60fps, in 30fps in the first place. I haven’t played this games but 30fps is not a deal breaker for me, since that I played 30fps in N64 and also I don’t find it necessary that all games needs to be 60fps except for Metroid Prime games.

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    1. Why? Whether they released it or not, some of these people are gonna flip their shit & call Zen trash regardless. If they waited til they could get it 100% on the Switch but found out they couldn’t & decided not to bring it at all, they’d still get bitched at. Least this way they gave gamers on the Switch SOMETHING from them to play. But no. Because it doesn’t work as great in handheld mode while doing great in docked mode, they are still trash. There is no pleasing some of these Nintendo fans.

      They better be ready, though. When more demanding games that aren’t ports of old games starting coming in droves to the Switch, they are gonna be seeing a lot of games doing great while docked but shitty while undocked. And guess what some of these people will say, the same things they are saying now when there is a game not great portable but great docked.

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      1. Actually, so far the Switch has been getting a port of a port. But now 3rd party Developers are talking about making one copy of the game from the ground up for the Switch/PS4/X1/PC, then port it to each of these 4 systems, then optimazing each platforms copy of the game. So games will run just as good on Switch as original PS4from now on, like NBA 2K19 and Fifa 19 and so fort.


      2. Saying is one thing but doing it is another. If that process becomes too expensive & they don’t get good monetary returns from said process, the one that’s gonna suffer won’t be Sony or Microsoft but Nintendo (like they always do since they got the weakest system… again.) ESPECIALLY if a PS5 comes out in the next 2-3 years with more power than Xbox One X. It would happen now but they aren’t allowed to make games specifically for PS4 Pro & Xbox One X and are forced to stick to the base models. These guys aren’t made of money, after all. Now if Nintendo wants to foot the bill for porting 3rd party games to their system, that will be a different story. Right now, history is NOT on Nintendo’s side.


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