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Netflix Exec Talks About The Possibility Of Nintendo Switch Support And Why It Hasn’t Happened

Netflix vice president of device partner ecosystem Scott Mirer recently took part in a press question and answer session in Silicon Valley and was naturally quizzed about why their popular video streaming service isn’t on the Nintendo Switch. Mirer explained that Nintendo was focused on games first for the Nintendo Switch and not applications. He hopes that they will change their minds and allow them to bring the app to the Switch.

“In the case of the Switch, they [Nintendo] were very focused at launch not on video-use cases, but on gaming cases, video was not a priority for them. Whether that changes over time, we have a great relationship with them and look at the possibility of [supporting] the Switch. We each have opportunity cost around that, but at some point, it might happen.”




  1. I find their “reason” to be complete crock of shit. How come Hulu has no problem to do so and enhance their experience? I’m about to switch over if that’s their angle of PR.


      1. The Hulu app devs also were game devs with a history of working with Nintendo. (I believe it was the Mutant Mudds/Chicken Wiggle devs) They built the app and got it running and approved thanks to that previously established relationship. There must be more to the Netflix situation that we don’t know about.


    1. I explained this to you before. Hulu and Netflix are not the same thing. I also would not be surprised if they’re waiting on h.265 support, which was not available to devs the last I saw. Doing so would allow them to decrease there bandwidth usage.

      Also, what do you mean by “enhance their experience”?


  2. “We each have opportunity cost around that”

    For those unfamiliar with the term, this translates to “neither Netflix nor Nintendo really think it’s worth the time right now”. From a business standpoint, I would have to agree. I highly doubt there’s anything close to a significant number of customers who would base their purchasing decision for Switch or Netflix around it.

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  3. Yeah, I can’t imagine why it is taking soooo long for Netflix and other stuff to come. It’s been one year already and where is the online service, themes and and a more organized eShop? Sometimes Nintendo doesn’t make sense. It was a good first year, but it’s about time these features to come..


    1. Fact is we know they are working hard on the online service, and they said it will be worth the wait, so I will gladly wait for it and then we can talk about Netflix. It will definitely make no difference not having Netflix, we have smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and other consoles to do that for us.

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      1. I love how Nintoddlers bring up the Switch being portable all the time except here. It reduces the number of devices you need to take on a trip.


      2. I didn’t say I don’t want Netflix, Spotify, Crunchyroll, etc… I just said I could wait after the Online Service launched. Now I really wishe they’d announce it.


    1. ||Indeed, Playstations are just for watching movies…||

      ||Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, the Flixes are probably waiting to integrate it to our online system probably or at least wait until our system has been revealed to the masses…||

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      1. What are you smoking? PS4 has Uncharted, the Last of Us, Street Fighter 5, Bloodborne, Monster Hunter: World, nine, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy games, GTA:V, Destiny, Fallout 4, Evil Within, Mass Effect, Fire Pro Wrestling World, three Kingdom Hearts games, Resident Evil VII, almost every large VR game, and pretty much every third party game that the Switch has plus more.

        Where are you getting that its all just FPS’s?

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      2. So did PS3 for Uncharted. Don’t even mention SF5 and we still haven’t seen ANY gameplay of The Last of Us 2. Heavy Rain is an interactive video game movie. FF hasn’t even been a huge deal since what? FF7/9?


      3. How does your opinion on any of tho see change the fact that they aren’t FPSs? Also FFXV sucks but it was a pretty big release. Also FFVII and IX are on PS4.


  4. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about Netflix. I just want an Internet Browser. I can’t believe I still have to use my Wii U Gamepad for my portable internet needs (like right now). But I also can’t believe people want to watch movies on their game consoles. Even back when the PS2 first came out, and people were acting like it was better than Gamecube because it played DVD’s, I thought people were out of their minds. I myself would NEVER wear out my game consoles by watching movies on them.


    1. There’s really no additional wear and tear on game console when playing movies on them. Also the PS2, at the time, was one of the cheapest and best DVD players around which was part of the reason why it was the most successful console of all time. There were people who bought it first and foremost as a DVD player. It might have been the first time I could watch DVDs on the my TV.

      Not to mention that the format was advantageous over the format the GameCube used in multiple ways. Not only did it allow devs to fit more on a disk but since it’s quicker to read from the outer portions of a DVD, there were higher peak read speeds from a DVD. The GameCube did have features that counteracted this problem to some extent (1. Support for DivX video which is more efficient than Mpeg2. 2, Support for S3TC textures also allowed devs to far less frequently need 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit textures which used more than twice the amount of space, memory, and bandwidth on the low-end and 8 times as much on the high end.) but they didn’t completely negate those weaknesses..


  5. Not counting when I bought the first Xbox console and watched DVD’s on it. But that was because I didn’t own a regular DVD player yet. I still remember buying the first season of The Simpsons (possibly my first DVD’s) and having to watch it on the Xbox. It’s hard to believe I didn’t have a DVD player back then.


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