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GameXplain Analyzed The Smash Switch Trailer

It was only a matter of time, but GameXplain has analyzed the brand new Super Smash Bros. Switch trailer. Obviously, the vague and mysterious nature of the trailer makes it difficult to analyze. Because of this, most of the analysis was spent discussing the Inklings that battled in the beginning of the trailer. However, GameXplain did touch upon other topics, including potential stages and whether the game is a port or a new title. We’ve included the video for you down below, so feel free to check it out.




  1. *skips through parts of the video to bypass the Splatoon characters I don’t care about* With Sakurai involved, don’t hold your breathe for a more canon Ganondorf. That assbutt is obsessed with his shitty Capt Falcon knockoff version.

    Still not gonna concede this is a brand new game til I have more proof. *must avoid further disappointment*


      1. It’s a day after a Nintendo Direct and this was shown during said Direct. It should be obvious (I would think) that I’m referring to the Direct as a whole. Then there is the fact Smash for Wii U & 3DS are not the best entries even with that great roster it had.


    1. We also want Wolf/Ice Climbers return, PKMN Trainer w/Squirtle/Ivysaur, Krystal, Dixie Kong, Dark Samus, Paper Mario, King/Kaptain K. Rool, Shantae make their appearances, GET RID OF THE FUCKING CLONES, HALF OF FE CHARACTERS AND ESPECIALLY WII-FIT, if OP Little Mac comes back; NERF THE SHIT OUT OF HIM and maybe bring in Banjo/Rayman.


      1. I don’t think Lord Sakurai is the problem since he put Megaman, Pac-Man, Ryu, Bayonetta and Cloud in Smash 4. If Rare wasn’t under the claws of Microsoft Banjo-Kazooie was already in Smash since Brawl


      2. You haven’t paid much attention to egotistical stuff this guy has done. Ganondorf is still a clone because Sakurai likes him that way. He reused the same stupid menu design for Kid Icarus & a Kirby game for the Smash Wii U & 3DS games. He’s always complaining about all the work he has to do with a broken hand when he can easily have delegated the work to the guys under him to lighten his workload. Which brings me to the point that the guy doesn’t trust his team because he thinks only he can do all of the hard stuff. He didn’t want to bring a new story mode because he was upset the cutscenes for Brawl’s Subspace Emissary were put on Youtube. I won’t be surprised if he ends up doing anything BUT be an advisory presence on this new Smash game (if it’s a new game) as he’ll be butting in & getting too heavily involved in the development process because they’ll want to change something he likes and will fight it to the bitter end. (Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong but I won’t hold my breathe.)


      3. Then why Nintendo still contact him for make Smash bros games? Even with all of this negative feedbacks we still see him working on Smash games ehich means he knows what to do.
        I understand the problem of Ganon be a simple clone of Csptain Falcon and this is something that I cannot deny and I hope we will see something different now (which it will happen) and for the story probably he will not care now because now you can record with your own Switch a cutscene so he probably know that the game will be recorded and I hope to see a story in this Smash 5


  2. It’s possible that BOTW Link will become it’s own character with Toon Link maybe being replaced or still being his own character along with Normal Link his own character.
    I mean… if Dark pit and Lucina can become their own damn character then why not a BOTW Link? :)

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      1. Since Peach has the heart magic, they can give Daisy the power of the flower magic. As for Waluigi they can give him a variety of different moves because he is a character shrouded in mystery, but at least made him run faster than Mario because he has long legs.


    1. Link (Classic), Link (Modern), & Toon Link. Screw it! Bring back Kid Link, too! I want to have a Fatal 4-Way to see who the best Link is! :D


  3. I wouldn’t mind a reduction in characters this time to make all the other characters more unique. Smash 4 had about 50 but no doubt some characters played similarly. I would like to see Pacman and megaman return. Cloud and Ryu where kind of pushing it for me for a smash Bros game tbh and Bayonetta was just annoying if she’s going to be in she needs a re-work


    1. It was only that way because apparently Sakurai hogged up all of the work on the characters. He didn’t want to share the workload that comes with 50+ characters with his team. I hear he’s got an ego so he probably didn’t feel they were up to the challenge like “he” was. Then there is the fact he had a broken hand on top of it all.


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