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Video: Source Gaming Breaks Down The Smash Switch News And Rumours Starting From 2016

The informative team over at Source Gaming have published a new video today taking a thorough look at all the Super Smash Bros news and rumours that have emerged since 2016 to try to piece together what may or may not be featured in the upcoming Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out their analysis video down below.

37 thoughts on “Video: Source Gaming Breaks Down The Smash Switch News And Rumours Starting From 2016”

  1. Once again, this is NOT A PORT OF WII U! If it was, gameplay footage would’ve been shown by now wouldn’t it and directly say it is a port from Wii U.

    1. Not necessarily, remember that the Wii U/ 3DS version was basically a port of the Wii version. That’s kind of the point. They just go back and update character models and textures, add new features and send it out.

      1. They weren’t exactly ports of Brawl tho. Not to mention, developers directly say if it’s a port or not. Smash Wii U and 3DS wasn’t a port, which is also why Sakurai never said it was a port at all. Sure it was updated, but by that logic, every smash game is just a port of the original.

      2. You are actually completely wrong about that. Each new version has been rebuilt from almost scratch, hence the reason there is usually such a big gap between releases and why each one has it’s own feel. This one may use the base of the Wii u version more than any other before it but it will likely be tweaked beyond recognition by the end. Try telling the competitive community that Wii u is just a reskinned version of brawl or brawl a reskinned melee and they will laugh at you.

        1. Except there’s no Subspace, no Wolf or Ice Climbers, gimped Stage Builder, Master Core wasn’t in Brawl, no slipping, no floaty physics, no Coin Blaster minigame, shall I go on? You’ve never played Brawl to notice the fucking difference.

    1. The thing is HAL is making this in-house this time since Brawl and we don’t know what new and old content they’re bringing to the table besides Inklings making their first Smash Bros. appearance.

        1. Then WTF does it say at the end of the teaser? Namco? No? Because it’s not by Namco you idiot. If not Namco or HAL to your braindead mind, then who is making Smash 5?

    1. (Sorry for so many replies) I’m not saying the game won’t be a new entry because there is a shit ton of evidence leaning towards it being new, I’m just pointing out that their talking about HAL being the original creators of Smash Bros. in the copyright they put in the reveal trailer.

    1. Anybody with an IQ of a dead roach can tell it’s not simply because there isn’t any footage of the same game on the Pii U. If it was a port, they would’ve said so and show something.

  2. It’s a new game. Anyway here is my list of characters I want to see in Smash 5:
    – WaLuigi or Daisy
    – Bandana Dee
    Wolf (With the desing of SFZ)
    – Ice Climbers
    – Lyn, Chrom or Hector
    – King K. Rool
    – Cloud switched with Crash Bandicoot, if Crash sells well on Switch, or Sora. Cloud to me is the unsense character in Smash 4 since he was only in KH for GB and DS and he was not the main protagonist of the games.
    – Rayman
    – Bomberman
    – The impossible character: Banjo-Kazooie. Yep I wrote it but it will not happen since Xbots taked him into their Xbot prison X in 2008.

    1. NO TO WAILUIGI! Daisy is a recolor skin for Peach so she isn’t necessary. What we do need to be in the game are the following:

      Dark Samus
      Dixie Kong
      *Maybe* Funky Kong
      King/Kaptain K. Rool (they’re the same person)
      Paper Mario
      Shantae (screw Shovelware Knight)

      Next, get rid of the clones and MOST of FE characters (there’s way too many) plus WiiFit since the Wii brand/name is dead.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Change Dark Samus with Sylux then we have a better line-up, Dark Samus will still be somewhat of a clone and Shantae is out of the question…||

        1. Dark Samus is suppose to be a mirror of Samus with Phazon powers plus it’s Final Smash will be either Prime 2 with unleashing Phazon particle shots or the super charged Phazon Beam. Animation will be different as well as some altered attacks. Sylux, yes but what about the other Bounty Hunters then? It would be unfair to only include that. So how about both?

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||The other bounty hunters are not essential yet, if ever, unless we include Rundas or Gandrayda, Ghor wasn’t that important…||

  3. Who cares it’s a port or not? It’s not a port, great. If it is a port, then we don’t have to worry about our favorite Smash 4 characters and Sonic and Bayonetta being cut.

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