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Splatoon 2 Has Been Updated To Version 2.3.2

A brand new update has been released for Splatoon 2, bringing the game to version 2.3.2. However, the update is very small and doesn’t add any new features. The only thing Nintendo did is fix some issues that were occurring in multiplayer. The good news is that Nintendo did release patch notes for this update, so we’ve included them for you down below.

  • Changes to Multiplayer
    • Issues where players would slide or perform a super landing in Arowana Mall would sometimes lead to them being treated as though they landed outside the map have been fixed.
    • Issues where it was difficult to discern between different colors of ink in Goby Arena during festivals have been fixed.




  1. After this last direct and the announcement of the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2. I’m now back to playing Splatoon 2 and I’m addicted lol.

    Working on finishing the story campaign now!

    Glad to see the online is still getting updates and fixes. Keeps the game “fresh” lol.

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      1. true but i never ran in to any issue othr than rage quitters as i won every match i was in.
        now my gf has 18 friend requests for squad invites


    1. You should really give Splatoon 2 a play. The game is a lot of fun and the story mode is really well done. The bosses are the highlights.

      Then there is Salmon Run which is a balls to walls horde mode.


      1. If only A. Salmon Run is open 24/7 because certain hours of accessibility is bullshit and B. We should be voting multiplayer maps instead of only having to play 2 at a time for an hour. I don’t mind rotating modes but I wanna choose maps. Also, I wish there was 10-12 players with 5 minutes match limit, ACTUAL VOICE CHAT and more maps for Salmon Run which one map can get really boring.


  2. Did they also fix the goddamn connectivity issues? Every time I slightly lag, even for a moment, the damn session just stops working and counts against me even though my connection works and didn’t attempt to rage quit; this has happened to me several times CONSECUTIVELY. What’s worse is my DOOM multiplayer does lag a bit but doesn’t kick my ass out immediately and still progresses the multiplayer session and hasn’t closed out ONCE soon after Splatoon 2.


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