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Yu Suzuki On A Switch Release Of Shenmue III: “Nothing Is Planned For The Moment”

Shenmue III has had a long ride since its unveiling in 2015. The game is still in the works, but there has been an interesting development that has appeared for director Yu Suzuki during this production time. Since 2015, The Switch has been announced and released. With the console becoming successful and everyone asking for Switch versions of games, it was only a matter of time before someone approached Suzuki with the topic of a Switch version of Shenmue III. That time has arrived, thanks to an interview with French website Gameblog that was translated by Nintendo Everything. Here is what Suzuki said:

Gameblog: When Shenmue III was announced back in 2015, it was slated for PS4 and PC. Since then, the Switch was released – it’s a hit and players ask for every game on Switch. Is it possible, and not necessarily in 2018, for Shenmue III to be released on Switch?”

Suzuki: It’s classified information (laughs).

(We were starting to ask the next question when Yu Suzuki interrupts)

Suzuki: Excuse me, wait a second. Regarding Switch, I would like to say that nothing is planned for the moment.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game didn’t come to the switch. The game was announced way before utterings of Codename NX were brought up. Plus they only received so much money and I’m sure sony is going to have some kind of partnership with them to have it as a console exclusive.


    1. Sony have supported them somewhat, but not outright payed for the game (obviously). They might have a non-competive console agreement though — at least for a limited time. But back then Wii U was the main system so maybe Sony didn’t think of Ninty as a threat and only made it impossible for Xbox?(Yeah, right) Because Shenmue is kiiind of a Xbox IP. King of…


  2. At least it’s not an outright no, like A Hat in Time.

    But still, I have to be able to play the first game (on a Nintendo system) before I can even care about this one.

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    1. Played both of them on Dreamcast and it blew my mind back in the day. Probably not that easy to play nowadays. Somewhat clunky, but the first game got a “Movie”. It was shipped with Xbox’s Shenmue II so you could understand the story of the second game.

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