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A Real Life Super Mario Odyssey Speedrun Took Place At The 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards

Tonight was the 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards. Just like last year, Nintendo and Nickelodeon teamed up for a Nintendo-related promotion. Two Nintendo games were nominated for the “Favorite Video Game” category, but they lost to Just Dance 2018. Nevertheless, the KCAs featured a Super Mario Odyssey segment with a real-life recreation of New Donk City. Two teams, Team Mario and Team Bowser, competed to collect Power Moons in a real life speed run. A Reddit user has posted footage of the segment, so feel free to check out the video here.



  1. Wow. The toxic Nintendo fans are at it again trashing something because their stupid choice for favorite game didn’t win. I don’t like Just Dance either but it’s a fun game that kids probably really enjoy as they can have fun playing with other kids and be totally silly & not take video games seriously because “Muh Nintendo didn’t win! Waaah!” *suddenly sees that Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi didn’t win favorite movie award* Why you little snot nosed bastards! D:< *shakes fist at*

    Seriously, though. It's a kid's choice awards. Quit being toxic because Nintendo finally had it's ass kicked. Newsflash: LoZ: Breath of the Wild & Super Mario Odyssey aren't THAT great and were bound to lose to something else sooner or later.

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      1. Not stupid. They just don’t care about the same stupid stuff we worry about when it comes to movies and just enjoy them for the pure entertainment value. (I do this with certain movies myself… like Minions, for instance.) They aren’t gonna obsess over plot holes & how unrealistic this or that is. I miss the days when I could watch movies or play video games & not once worry about the things wrong with it. I loathe the Ghostbusters reboot but I won’t begrudge any kids if they actually enjoy that abomination because at the end of the day, it’s a movie and movies are meant to entertain. If someone somewhere was entertained, the movie carried out it’s main purpose. Same for video games if kids want to like *shudder* Federation Force.

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      2. You do that while I puke blood out of this cancerous show network which comprises of stupid ass shows with farts jokes and gross humor than only a mindless 2 year old would chuckle at.

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      1. Some will wish I was a Sony Pony. But as Freddy Krueger said in Freddy VS Jason, I have become something much, much worse. I’m a perfect balance between Sony & Nintendo but I am neither of them, as well. I am above you all (except Quadraxis as he’s awesome and an equal.) You all bow to ME whether you realize it or not. So fight your Nintendo V Sony Civil war. In the end, I win.


      2. Fool? No. I just don’t care about features I probably won’t use anyway. Especially backwards compatibility as I don’t have any PS3 games to even play on PS4 even if it was a thing; besides, the PS4 is getting ports of quite a few PS3 games I wanted, anyway, so don’t need the feature. And then there is PS Now where I can just stream any PS3 games I do want to play if they don’t come to PS4. Crossplay would be nice, though, but I won’t lose any sleep over not having it.


      3. Your sense is right. Something has happened. I’m becoming less concerned with what other people like. If someone wants to like what I feel is crap, that’s their problem, not mine. It’s all worthless junk at the end of the day. Nintendo systems, Sony systems, Xbox systems. Just worthless junk I can play other worthless junk I like on. They all 3 suck in some way & they are all great in some way. Assimilate what brings me joy & destroy what brings me despair. Fandoms are all trash: just a bunch of rabid fans tearing each other apart over pieces of junk and trash because they think their favorite is better because they are too self-righteous/self-absorbed to realize someone has a different opinion to their own. As far as I’m concerned, people like that are the true enemy of gaming, movies, TV shows, etc. I don’t give a shit if Emoji Movie or Star Wars Battlefront 2 won favorite movie/game of the year. It’s not MY opinion so whatever. If someone wants to trash others (ESPECIALLY little kids) for liking what they like, they’re an immature little shit that should grow up & quit worshiping their video games or movies like a little temper tantrum throwing brat stuck in their basement dwellings angry their favorite didn’t win and had it’s ass kicked instead. (Speaking figuratively so it doesn’t matter if they don’t actually live in a literal basement.) Anyway, if someone doesn’t like my way of thinking, they can get the hell out of my way and go back to licking the ass of whoever or whatever they worship. I am Me and I am Infinite.

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      4. ||Scan indicates you have transformed into some type of Virtuarealism personality…||


    1. I know right? It’s funny seeing people getting so worked-up over this. Like, seriously, who cares? I’m pretty sure Nintendo isn’t going to lose sleep over not getting a plastic orange blimp.


    2. Honestly I don’t care if Nintendo won or lost, it’s the fact that they are way better games than a dancing simulator, and you think it’s ok to be watchingshows that 90% of is base mostly on laughter on every sentence a character says, or a show that’s mostly base on fart jokes, it’s pretty much the main reason why most kids have move to youtube or any streaming place (Netflixs, hulu, etc) because there’s barely anything to watch on tv except crappy made shows made just for cash grab off merchandise

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      1. I think I have a pretty good theory as to why Just Dance 2018 won over Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

        Imagine yourself as a kid and you’re voting in each category on Nickelodeon’s website. You reach the “Favorite Video Game” category and Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Just Dance 2018 are some of your options to choose from. Now, you’ve heard of every game on the list, but the only game you’ve actually played out of the bunch is Just Dance 2018 on, let’s say, your PS4. That would only leave you with Just Dance 2018 to vote for because you either don’t have or have never played any of the other games.

        There’s also the fact that Just Dance 2018 is available on a lot more consoles than both Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. With Super Mario Odyssey being a Switch exclusive and Breath of the Wild only being on Wii U and Switch. Which means more kids are more likely to have played Just Dance 2018 because it’s not only on Nintendo consoles.

        I mean, yeah, you could vote for the more popular game for the sake of it being popular, but, as a kid, if you’re given an opportunity to vote for something you like, why would you vote for a game because other people like it? You want to vote for a game that you’ve played and enjoyed and possibly see it win an award. With many other kids doing the same thing as you.

        Thus, resulting in Just Dance 2018 winning over Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

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      2. No. That’s too much work & thought put into it. It’s better to be brainless (and lazy) & call the kids brainless (oh the irony!) for voting for something they played instead of voting for something they’ve only heard is great with no personal knowledge to the contrary. Brainless would be to vote for that game you haven’t played but have heard is great by other people. (It’s also called being a sheep because you let someone else’s opinion effect your own.)

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  2. Those th a are complaining about Just Dance. SHUT UP! BOTW and Mario Odessey were aimed at the more hardcore and casual fans, not just kids. Idiots, complaining about an awards show kids get choices on.

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    1. Even someone with questionable senses himself has better sense than half of the people here. *claps* Congratulations, Sam Coley. You aren’t as clueless as I originally thought with your Super Saiyan reactions and Banjo & Kazooie obsessions. (This is a compliment, not an insult. So my bad if you take it as an insult.)


  3. “WWaaaaa I’m PBJ89 and I hate everthing that isn’t to my exact liking. Now listen to me bitch and moan about how Nintendo is so great and awesome but hate the 3DS and WiiU so much. Fuck Sony and any other company. Nintendo is Everything. I love them and I hate them, but I love them, but I hate them, but…”

    You get the idea


  4. Unfortunate choice but perhaps Mario can win next year since that there is a Mario game almost every year (yes I am counting spinoffs). Just Dance will sooner or later became boring for the kids just like they do with every toy they own.


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