Nintendo Has Applied For Nine Trademarks Including Wario Land

Nintendo has recently filed for nine trademarks for ‘downloadable videogame programs’. The trademarks are for the Octo image as well as Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario & Luigi, Metroid, Metroid Prime, Smash Bros., Wario Land and WarioWare. Japanese Nintendo points out that this is the second time this year that Wario Land has been trademarked, so hopefully something will come of that.




  1. Wario Land 4 has always been one of my favorite GBA titles, I hope Nintendo will be able to recapture the magic of that wonderful game if they do revive the series.

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  2. Omg a new wario land. The game cube game was great, i miss it. Ughhh we need more DS, GameCube, and Wii remakes. Not just Wii U ports.
    Also N64 would be great too. Ummmm a Mario HD collection (galaxy, 64. Sunshine, galaxy 2) that would be 🔥


  3. I only care about the Luigi’s Mansion, Metroid, & Smash Bros trademarks; the rest are worthless to me. Honestly, I’m still waiting on SOMETHING to come from Nintendo re-registering the trademark for Eternal Darkness back from sometime in 2016 & January 2017. If they aren’t gonna do anything with it, they need to just let the trademark expire so someone else can use that awesome name instead.


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