Nintendo Switch

Iconoclasts Developer Says Bringing The Game To Nintendo Switch Would Be Fun

Iconoclasts developer Joakim Sandberg has told Game Informer that bringing the indie title to the Nintendo Switch would be very fun. Sadly they haven’t announced whether the game will, or will not, come to the platform but they did say that they would love to have Iconoclasts on as many platforms as possible. Here’s what was said:

How about a Switch port?

That would be very fun. I have a publisher for distribution, so I can’t talk about just anything.

But you like the Switch, and it would be very fun.

I do. I have two [laughs]. The screen broke on one, but it still functions on a TV.

[Editor’s note: we reached out to Iconoclast’s publisher, Bifrost, to ask about the potential of a Switch release. Bifrost producer Kalli Karlsson replied, “All I can say is that we would love more platforms!”]




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