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Pokemon GO Updated On iOS And Android

The latest Pokemon GO update has arrived on both iOS and Android. iOS users are able to download Version 1.67.1 and Android players can download Version 0.95.3. Here’s the patch notes for both versions:

  • Introduced the new Field Research and Special Research feature that encourages Trainers to complete objectives to earn unique rewards.
  • Trainers can now discover the Mythical Pokémon Mew for the first time with Special Research!
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates.


5 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Updated On iOS And Android”

  1. I’ve updated and I can’t find any research buttons or tabs in-game. Is this one of those updates where they tell you about a feature and haven’t actually activated it yet?

  2. Yeah what’s going on? Mine says 0.97.2 and this article says 0.95.3 is the new version, and I see no references to research other than the loading screen. Since the loading screen shows the new research stuff then doesn’t it imply the new research feature is activated?

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