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Video: Yesterday Origins Nintendo Switch Official Launch Trailer

Microïds has produced a brand new trailer for Yesterdays Origins on the Nintendo Switch. The adventure game is developed by Pendulo Studios who are the team behind Runaway, Hollywood Monsters, The Next Big Thing and Igor. It’s coming May 31st on the Nintendo Switch eShop and there will also be a physical release available.

In “Yesterday Origins”, the game sends main protagonists John Yesterday and his partner Pauline, a couple of immortals who own an antique store in Paris, across the globe through multiple periods. The story takes place during the current and Medieval era, through a series of flashbacks. At the beginning of the game, a young John is imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition for witchcraft. However this is just prior to the sequence of events that will change his life/lives forever…

2 thoughts on “Video: Yesterday Origins Nintendo Switch Official Launch Trailer”

  1. Trailer seemed to stutter frequently, that doesn’t bode well for the game as a whole. Outlast 2 is a graphical powerhouse and runs at a stable 30fps, if this game can’t it certainly isn’t the hardware’s fault

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