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More Nintendo Switch Support Could Come From Might And Delight If Shelter Generations Sells Well

Shelter Generations lead designer Jens Berlinger has stated in a recent interview that the company is open to developing more games for the Nintendo Switch if the upcoming Shelter Generations performs well on the popular platform.

Can you tell us if you have any future release plans on Switch?

There’s nothing set in stone for the moment, but we will see about the future depending on how well we do with the release of Generations!



  1. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why companies like to test the waters with new consoles instead of giving their full support from the get go, but I really wish they’d do it with two or three games instead of just one, just in case their first game was a flop but the other two were successful. Gives companies a better idea of how they’ll actually fair instead of the one and done approach

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