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Here’s The Latest Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story Trailer, Featuring The Reveal Of Zeraora

As expected, the latest trailer for Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story was revealed on Oha Suta, a Japanese variety show, moments ago. But that’s not all. The mystery Pokemon teased last week was also revealed, and it is exactly what people thought it would be. Zeraora appeared in the trailer, and some official promotional artwork was released. Zeraora is a Gen 7 Mythical/Electric type Pokemon. The movie premieres in Japan on July 13th. You can see tweets down below that have the trailer, as well as Zeraora’s new artwork.

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22 thoughts on “Here’s The Latest Pokemon The Movie: Everyone’s Story Trailer, Featuring The Reveal Of Zeraora”

    1. Mythical is just like Legendary but more rare (Pokemon only available through events). It’s not a type.

  1. (Continuation) I for one will welcome a new type to expand more the pokemon world and lore of the games.

  2. (Continuation 2) However I don’t have hopes for this to be implemented well in the “anime” series if I can call it that.

  3. Huh….a new gen 7 pokemon that wasn’t in the game files to begin with? I was expecting this to be the first gen 8 pokemon, following with how they tend to tease one in a movie before the first game in a new gen

    1. For real though, Gamefreak really needs to have mythicals as patches instead of leaving things in the game files. They should know by now that dataminers will find it and leak it for the whole fanbase to see.

      1. Huh looking back on some stuff it was totally datamined yeah. I guess I just stopped looking for anything else after Ultra Necrozma was datamined on copies that dropped early, figured that was it lol

  4. Please don’t distribute this Pokemon through retail store in the west, Gamestop is beginning to close their stores in philly and stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy are just giving all of the free Pokemon cards away to the first asshole wh ask for all of them. Target literally just gave all of the cards away to the someone who asked for them in my area and that asshole started selling them on amazon and ebay like the clown he is, Gamestop is was doing the exact same thing before they shut their stores down in my area.
    This kind of crap is why I stopped playing Pokemon Ultra to begin with, Nintendo need to drop these retailers when it comes to distributing free Pokemon. Just allow everyone to download these free pokemon as gifts because this “sometimes distribute as gifts and sometimes distribute through retailers” crap is really getting annoying and turning me off from buying another pokemon game ever again.

      1. He’s talking about how they release Pokemon through distribution cards now. They don’t even use the mystery gift option that much anymore, so everyone has to go to game stores for the cards to get the gift Pokemon. However, people now take all of them and sell them so no one else can get the for free. What are you talking about buy “just buy it via Amazon? They’re not for sale online, because they’re free distributions and people keep on taking all of them, so there’s no other option.

      2. Do you have to come off as such a dick? He’s talking about the event distribution cards with codes on them that Gamestop gives out so you can redeem them in-game for the Pokemon. He’s not talking about the trading cards, and I’d have thought that was pretty obvious given the context of the article.

        And you can’t “buy it via Amazon,” as the distribution codes are free and typically exclusive to a single retailer, ie Gamestop.

  5. Honestly what are these designs past Gen 4? They all look like Digimon or deviant art designs that tried too hard to look cool….

  6. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Worthless reboot, the only thing they should have done was to make Pokemon Generations the true series…||

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