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Japan: FIFA 18 Switch Has Sold 1.5 Times More Than The PS4 Version

It is an understatement to say that the Nintendo Switch has been a success in Japan. Even the Switch version of FIFA 18 has been a major success. According to Dengeki Online, FIFA 18 sold 1,744 copies in Japan. This means that 117,669 Switch copies have been sold in the game’s lifetime. In comparison, the Playstation 4 version of the game had a lifetime sales total of 77,892 in Japan. Since then, the Playstation 4 version dropped off of Dengeki Online’s radar, due to low sales. In Japan, The Switch version has managed to sell 1.5 times more than on the Playstation 4.



  1. So where is the number of Switch version sells?

    The ps4 version = 77892

    Life time = 117669

    Is the switch version 1744?

    That number isn’t bigger than the ps4 sells. Where is the number saying it’s 1.5 times bigger in sales.

    1. It would have helped if I included the word “Switch” in the 117,669 lifetime sales. XD

      Fixed it!

      1. Also just add ‘this week’ to “According to Dengeki Online, FIFA 18 sold 1,744 copies in Japan” It sounds like FIFA sold 1,744 total

  2. This should read: 1.5 times “as many” units as the PS4. 1.5 times “more than” the PS4 would be total PS4 sales + 1.5x total PS4 sales.

    Switch sales would have to be at 194,730 to have sold 1.5 times more than the PS4.

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