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Gallery: Check Out Some Behind The Scenes Images Of The Detective Pikachu Movie

Filming for the Detective Pikachu movie is well underway, and we have gotten our first look at how things are going. Someone has managed to take many pictures of the cast and crew as they shoot the movie. We’ve included all the pictures for you in a gallery down below, so feel free to check it out. The Detective Pikachu film is slated to release in the United States on May 10th, 2019.


12 thoughts on “Gallery: Check Out Some Behind The Scenes Images Of The Detective Pikachu Movie”

    1. That makes sense. Either that or they’re hinting at a new green man- inspired pokemon for the switch.

  1. I was worried it was gonna be guys in costumes when I saw those images but thankfully someone here reminded me it’s normal to have a stand-in for where the CGI character will go. Not all actors are good at looking at thin air and acting believable that they are looking at something that isn’t really there. Some actors are pretty good at doing such a thing but most can’t. Least not without extreme difficulty.

  2. I love how most people don’t realize these are stand ins for cgi, and that these pics in no way indicate whether the film will be good or not. You’re just finding an excuse to say it will be bad.

  3. Green man murdered those people laying down in the street and it’s up to Guy-In-A-Pikachu-Costume to uncover the truth and bring him to justice!

  4. He needs to wear all yellow because bright colors can be very reflective, especially outside during the day. So when CG Pikachu gets close to objects or people, the yellow hue on them will make the effect that much more believable.

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