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Video: Marvelous 2018 Line-Up Teaser

Marvelous has uploaded a new video to YouTube today showcasing the titles that they have announced thus far for 2018. For Nintendo Switch owners there is Senran Kagura Reflexion, which is coming to the platform this summer. Have a watch below to see what is in store for gamers so far in 2018.

Marvelous Europe unveils an exciting line-up of PC and Console titles in the coming year! Gun-Toting Witches, Holy Grail Warriors, and New Adventures with the Shinobi of SENRAN KAGURA Headline a Year of Action, Adventure, and Surprising Feelings!

5 thoughts on “Video: Marvelous 2018 Line-Up Teaser”

  1. Bullet Witch looks awesome but no PS4 version. :/

    If Senran Kagura Reflexion tried to come to Wii U in America, it’d be censored to hell & back or it wouldn’t be coming to America at all.

    As for the last two, I quite enjoy the beat ’em up hack ‘n’ slash mixed genre games so I might consider those two. Plus, more female characters to play as.

    I’m disappointed there was nothing new for Story of Seasons on home consoles. Will it remain exclusive to Nintendo systems and get a game only on Switch? Or will it become multi-platform?

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