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Japan: BitSummit 2018 Will Have 80 Amazing Indie Games

BitSummit, which is due to take place in Japan during the weekend of May 12th and 13th, will have 80 indie titles on the show floor. The event will feature some of Japan’s finest indie developers and will include games for a number of platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

Japan Independent Games Aggregate (JIGA) and the BitSummit Committee are proud to reveal games that have been selected to be showcased at the indie event next month. After an arduous process, we’re proud to have over 80 amazing indie games from around the world as part of BitSummit!

As the biggest indie games festival in Japan, BitSummit will feature some of the best of Japanese indie development, from worldwide known studios such Q-Games to cult developers like RIKI. This year’s selections run the gamut of genres; from pixel art inspired nostalgia and games with experimental controls, to educational entertainment and interactive fiction, there’s a little of everything at BitSummit!


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