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Nikkei: “The Switch Is Now Available In Roughly 50 Markets”

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A brand new Nikkei interview with Current Nintendo President Kimishima, as well as Future Nintendo President Furukawa, was recently released. In it, we learned quite a few new things. For example, ” Nintendo is applying lessons from ‘Pokemon Go; to build up smartphone game operations into a 100 billion yen ($910 million) business”. Furukawa “aims to set the [mobile] business on a growth trajectory through a single game-changing hit”, although he doesn’t see any of the mobile projects that Nintendo is developing accomplishing this.

Meanwhile, Nikkei says that the Nintendo Switch is now available in “roughly 50 markets”. According to Nikkei, “Nintendo will explore where to target next while monitoring access counts for mobile games. Designated merchants will handle Switch sales in the new markets”. As for Kimishima, he talked about why Furukawa was chosen to be the new Nintendo president. Kimishima said that Furukawa “knows how to draw out the potential from development teams, and over the past two years he has created the business foundation for the next generation”. For now, Furukawa says that he will create a decision-making panel of five directors. One of the directors will be himself. Furukawa explained that “other people are gifted at evaluating products. Making the final call on whether or not something makes sense is my responsibility.”


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