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Sonic Twitter Poll Asks What’s Your Favourite Feature From Past Sonic Games

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has asked fans to participate in a poll to find out what their favourite feature was in past Sonic games. Fans have the option of selecting Time Attack Mode, Customisable Character, Chao Garden, or Two Player Competitive Mode.

9 thoughts on “Sonic Twitter Poll Asks What’s Your Favourite Feature From Past Sonic Games”

    1. Completely agree, I hope they make an overworld just like Sonic Adventure 1 and that you can choose your characters (just like in Adventure 1). From Adventure 2 the things that I like most are the secret upgrade items like the Magic Gloves (for Sonic), the oxygen tank for Knuckles, the special items that let you see invisible objects and items (for Rouge and Knuckles) and the mystic melody (obtainable for all characters).

  1. Let’s be real here, there’s only one real option on that poll. Fans have been begging for a new Chao Garden for eons. They could make a Chao Garden mobile companion game and people would eat it up. Let players link it with Mania Plus to earn rings to buy food and stuff for your Chao. Include an AR photo mode. Throw in some mini games like the Chao racing with online VS. It could be awesome and it could be updated with connectivity for new Sonic games down the road. Include some IAPs for people who don’t feel like earning rings through playing Sonic games and they’d probably make a killing from mobile game whales. And actual full Chao Garden would probably be preferable, but a mobile game probably makes more sense in this day and age.

  2. Why they didn’t have the option of features from Sonic Adventure 1 and Adventure 2? This isn’t completely fair.

      1. I do like the chao garden and the extra 4 missions of Adventure 2 which some of them are only beatable by obtaining the secret upgrade items. This makes the player think and search for the items necessary to clear those missions which is why I would like to have these upgrade items to be a new option to choose for the next 3D Sonic so that they don’t flop again like Sonic Forces.

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