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Platinum Games Says They Are Making An Action Game That Will Flip The Genre On Its Head

Japanese developer Platinum Games is renowned for making a range of excellent action titles. At this weekend’s BitSummit event Platinum Games head producer of the development division, Atsushi Inaba said that the company is making a new action title that will flip the established genre on the head. Here’s his comments from the event:

  • PG is working on a bunch of interesting games.
  • One title in particular they think is new and innovative that you’ve never seen before will turn the action genre on its head.
  • A lot of people at Platinum Games don’t even know about this Top Secret project


26 thoughts on “Platinum Games Says They Are Making An Action Game That Will Flip The Genre On Its Head”

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  2. They should not brag about this things and let the people decide, sometimes it is just bad and the audience has already overhyped that and expect sometimes more. Although, they have good catalogues on their hands, so hopefully they live up their expectations.

    1. I wouldnt call it bragging. They’re excited, need less of your type of negative attitude in this industry. Developers literally dont need it.

      Did someone forget Fez 2 was canceled for this exact reason?

    2. Great games indeed, but some few misses as well.
      And yeah, I too find those self-proclaimed braggings to be a turn-off. Show facts and footage and let us be the judges. Not that footage would prove anything from EA…

  3. Maybe a game where you control the masses of enemies instead of the hero, trying to defeat him?
    That would certainly flip the genre on its head. :P

    1. You could be that one mini-boss or some though enemy that you’ve grinded up at the gym or academy, and then got killed the second the heroes shows up – and continue the prossess until the hero defeats your boss, and you’re now out of job and drinks your sorrows away at the local pub. But then got killed again by the hero since it’s a openworld free-roaming game and he searched for side-quests.

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  5. Wish Ninty bought these out lol I wanna see vanquish now as a exclusive for the system with 2 and madworld 2 :p

  6. Something we haven’t seen before.
    Hmm I wonder.
    Also if many people at pg don’t even know about it, how many people they actually got working on it?
    The best games always use all of a developers resources.
    Hopefully they’ll reveal at e3.

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  8. It’s most like Vanquish 2. Problem is the rumor going around that Vanquish 2 may be a xbox one exclusive! Don’t care about timed exclusives because I am patient, just like how I waited a full year for that last TR game because I refuse to buy that pos non exclusive lacking xbox one system, but if it is an exclusive for the xbox one and microsoft market (meaning not on steam or any other pc store) then it’s gonna flop just like Sunset Overdrive and Recore did.
    The xbox platform is a terrible platform for Japanese developed games because xbox fanboys only know how to bitch about not having certain games but don’t know how to support the games finally are brought to their system.

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  10. sunset overdrive and recore weren’t very good, maybe thats why they flopped. malbet, if you’re saying they would have sold better on other systems that just means xbox one fan boys are smarter. your argument sucks.

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