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New Super Mario Odyssey Snapshot Mode Filters Seem To Have Leaked

One neat addition to the excellent Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch is the number of snapshot filters and it would seem as though more are on their way. Twitter user Ecumber has uploaded some apparently new filters which could well be making their way to the platformer soon. Take a look at them below.



7 thoughts on “New Super Mario Odyssey Snapshot Mode Filters Seem To Have Leaked”

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  2. I truly appreciate Nintendo continually dropping new weekly nothings into Odyssey, but having 100% completed it since early January, I have not found any interest to return to it. It’s a 10/10 adventure (and I’ve played Mario since ‘88), but I feel we need DLC add-on content with more kingdoms and moons. I haven’t bothered with the weekly hint art as I personally find it silly, but I’m excited to know the true purpose of it.
    They certainly aren’t finished with the game just yet….

    1. Yeah, give us something meaning full to return to. Ofc great and all for those with the whole game in front of them, but a little meh for those with 100%

    2. I’d rather have a full blown sequel, think Galaxy 2, than just DLC. But if there is Kingdom DLC i hope it’s meaty with a lot to do. Even making a new playable character would make me return and play through it all again.

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