US: Nintendo Was The Third Most Seen Gaming Brand On TV In April 2018

Venture Beat gives some great insights into the video game industry and today they have revealed which video game brands were the most seen by consumers in North America during April 2018. With its huge God of War game it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to hear that it was PlayStation who came out on top last month. Nintendo came third and spent an estimated $3.4 million on advertising. The highest spending commercial from the Kyoto-based company was the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit: Make, Play and Discover advert.




  1. That’s funny. I saw more Nintendo advertisement then I did Sony but that could just be biased for the shows my kids watch and the YouTube channels I visit.

  2. ||Xbots nowhere to be seen, such an excellent future we are heading towards…||

    1. aside from Sea of Thieves they really had nothing, so it makes sense. I’m glad Nintendo is finally stepping up their marketing game.

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