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Eurogamer: Sources Say Retro Studios Could Be Working On Star Fox Racing

You may have seen the rumours that were circulating this morning online regarding Retro Studios next project. It admittedly sounded a little far-fetched but Eurogamer says that they have heard from their sources that the company could be working on a Star Fox Racing game. We shall find out whether it’s actually legitimate at E3 next month in L.A.

So, what do we believe? Well, as improbable as Retro making a Star Fox racing spin-off may sound, Eurogamer sources have heard similar.


56 thoughts on “Eurogamer: Sources Say Retro Studios Could Be Working On Star Fox Racing”

    1. I know a lot of people would be upset if this was true but really, the Star Fox genre is outdated. It was pretty outdated when it launched (I was too busy playing things like Tie Fighter to get into Star Fox). And everyone wants an F-Zero game, but the characters of F-Zero aren’t recognizable at all. If they made a solid, blisteringly fast sci-fi racer with the characters from Star Fox, a campaign with customizable parts and weapons… it might be good.

      1. So a mix between F-Zero and Star Fox, basically. Sounds good. Call it “Star Fox Zero”.

        Wait, no, DON’T call it Star Fox Zero, that would be horrible marketing.

      2. Star Fox isn’t outdated. It’s the people who don’t want to learn how to play a videogame. Also yes I’ll be upset if this is true but I don’t believe Nintendo asks Retro Studios to make a Star Fox racing game when there is already Mario Kart

        1. I don’t think it’s true either, it’s just a hypothetical. If there were to be a Star Fox racer, I think it’d be very different than Mario Kart. It’d be closer to F-Zero, I’d bet which is nothing like a Kart racer. And no matter how much some folk like Star Fox, most of the gamers out there abandoned rail shooters a long time ago. Now I still enjoy the genre, I’ve got my arcade built in the basement, I still love Panzer Dragoon, etc. But I’d much rather have an open world space sim than being stuck to a rail.

      3. The thing is, what made F-Zero GX so good is also what made it difficult. Sadly, today you can’t make difficult games with a high budget and expect to make money from it. I like a lot of easy games too, of course, but it would be nice to have both.

        1. I don’t know, Nintendo has been pretty good at difficulty scaling lately. Their racers have auto driving and such for the wee ones and their platformers hide their difficulty behind collectibles and extra hard content after end bosses. And Tropical Freeze is surprisingly difficult for a big budget game, which is probably why they slapped an easy mode on for the Switch.

          At the end of the day, I don’t think an F-Zero or traditional Star Fox would hit huge sales numbers no matter what. Maybe if they break Star Fox off the rails and move it in the direction of the popular indie space sims on PC. You can do some pretty awesome open world space sims nowadays and Star Fox would be a great setting.

      1. Don’t get me wrong Lylat Wars is one of my alltime favorites but after that the series never evolved, infact we only got one console follow up so far wich is still the same as lylat wars. When I say evolved I mean Ocarina of time , Mario 64 , Metroid Prime and Breath of the Wild Evolved. Those games are milestones in the franchise history. The same applies to DK,Kirby,Yoshi and a bunch more still the same stuff or no longer made at all.

        1. If you compared Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild as an evolution then I say *There is a good evolution* there but not changing a space shooter game into a racing game. No hell not I don’t want this. I want a game where you explore the *Lylat System* for good and fighting enemies not racing them. A change of gameplay it can be done but not changing the gameplay genre

      2. Thats my point I wasn’t talking about this race game. That new Beyond good and evil game looks like a great fit , big open world and space ships , city’s and all that other stuff seems like a amazing fit for Star Fox you can still have big air battles aswell while flying around or doing missions.

    1. Was it Eurogamer or Gameinformer witch said that we would see NX a specific date, and when the date come and went they said “THEY CHANGED THEIR PLANS!!”

      1. I don’t recall, I just remember when LKD nailed the Switch stuff but because Nintendo moved plans around she got so much shit for it and was validated later. Eurogamer has had zero validation on a ton of their rumors so either they make shit up or they have some of the worst “sources” in the business

  1. The order of Paimon

    It would be interesting, at least for me, i love the Star Fox series.
    Rumors are rumors, i remember the one about Fox wearing a fedora back in the Wii U days.

      1. The order of Paimon

        Brother, it’s only a rumor.
        if it happens to be true, ok.
        i only hope that if it happens, it does click on me.
        if not, oh, well… not a great loss.
        if it is a classic Star Fox game, i hope it is bigger in scale, the series has a lot of potential.

  2. I saw another rumor that Retro was working on a new take on Star Fox called “Lylat System” and a third Donkey Kong Country Game for 2019 called “Wooden Fury”. I really hope they’re making a Star Fox game of some kind.

    1. EXACTLY this is the true leak, but a bunch of idiots are saying that is a racing game. I don’t believe to see a racing game with only the Star Fox franchise. A Mario Kart alternative with only Star Fox characters? So just 8 or 9 slots for the characters? Also the plot of the story is to defeat Andross by winning some races? This sound stupid and it is.

  3. No! Hell fucking no! This is as bad of an idea as Federation Force, too many luck based mini-games for Mario Party, stupid car in Mario Party, Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, getting 0:0:0 in Chocobo mini-game on FFX to get Tidus’ ultimate weapon (well more like nearly every mini-game ever in Final Fantasy from my experience as they’ve all mostly been shit…) I could go on but those are the worst offenders to me. Just… No..!

    1. The order of Paimon

      I have an open mind about it.
      This supossed game may be one of two things: a good game or a disaster.
      it’s not like Nintenddo will “federation force” us into this game (if true), right?, right? xD

  4. I don’t buy it for a second. They’re already collapsing F-Zero to let Mario Kart overtake it as their racing franchise, they aren’t going to start a new one to compete with themselves even further.

    If this is true, it’s a terrible sign that Nintendo just has no idea what to do with their IP’s.

  5. Sounds pretty weird to me, then again so did Mario and Rabbids and that turned out to be true and was really great so maybe. Still not sure I believe it though. The important thing is to not fall into the trap of thinking”oh they were right about the nx months before it was revealed as Switch, so this must be true too” I remember a rumour a few years back when there was supposedly a Star fox and Metroid crossover game for Wii u and it never happened. Most of what we hear is absolutely trash so I’ll wait for E3 thanks, only a month away.

  6. Not gonna lie I’m kinda interested, especially if they put a lot of content into it similar to F-Zero GX. I always wondered if Star Fox and F-Zero shared the same universe, if Blue Falcon happens to be in it I’ll have my answer. While their at it they should put Samus in there as a secret playable character and her vehicle should literally be a smaller version of her gunship. If it’s a new F-Zero I still want Samus in it as an optional racer.

    1. The rumour is fake because some dudes simply wrote on reddit and twitter that the next Star Fox game is a racing game and then now people thinks the game is real. Alex from Nintendo Life and IGN don’t believe at this, in particular Alex where he says “Just someone wrote on a paper a title it doesn’t mean it’s real”. He cleary got the point there

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  8. You know, if this “racer” features deep space and planetside dogfighting and large “lanes” to fly around in, then I’d definitely give it a look. Plus there are at least five different ships (not counting the OG polygonal ship), well over ten pilots, plenty on locations and imagine the possible Metroid and F-Zero DLC. And if they threw in a classic Starfox (and maybe a Starfox 2) mode and a battle mode, that in itself would be worth it.

  9. I’m personally all for this rumoured announcement. Not that StarFox is dead… but the potential of a racing game with an allstar cast could really bring some light to the series.

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