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Forbes Japan: Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima Listed As One Of Top Ten CEOs In The World

Forbes Japan has compiled a list of the top ten CEOs in the world and current Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima is amongst them. Mr. Kimishima will be stepping down from his position in June and will be replaced by Shuntaro Furukawa. Here is the full top ten list in alphabetical order:

  • Bernard Hees (Kraft Foods)
  • Denise Morrison (Campbell Soup)
  • Dirk Van de Put (Mondelez International)
  • Fabrizio Freda (Estée Lauder Companies)
  • Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani)
  • Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn)
  • Keith Barr (InterContinental Hotels Group)
  • Ralph Hamers (ING)
  • Sundar Pichai (Google)
  • Tatsumi Kimishima (Nintendo)

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18 thoughts on “Forbes Japan: Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima Listed As One Of Top Ten CEOs In The World”

  1. Love Kimi, wrote him in for US President. Hope he is pulling the strings behind the scenes with this new pres.

  2. Tatsumi Kimishima Should have been the permanent president because during the Switch’s first year he was getting things done and was humble about it as he was talking about how Nintendo must do better and improve. Nintendo should seriously reconsider keep him as president!

    1. You know who will never be on that list? EA’s Andrew Wilson, Blake Jorgensen and Activision’s Eric Hirshberg. They are the worst people to ever be involved in the gaming industry and literally ruining gaming for everyone!

      1. I’d like to nominate the asshat in charge of AT&T in the last decade that should never be considered a top ten CEO. Then again, it’s probably most of the board at AT&T that are asshats & not just the one guy in charge. Same for EA and most of their board members. Greedy asshats.

  3. I look forward to Furukawa-san taking the reins . Kimishima did an amazing job after Iwata-san passed away. He would be proud

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