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Pokemon Quest Has Apparently Surpassed One Million Downloads On The Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Quest launched earlier this week on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The game is free to start and has proved to be popular with Nintendo Switch owners looking to get their Pokemon fix on the console. Poke Times has revealed that the game has been downloaded over one million times on Nintendo’s latest system, which is impressive.

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    1. What’s hard to understand about a Pokémon game (which are popular whatever they are) that’s free being downloaded by lots of people?

  1. I downloaded it because I was bored, but only played about 10 minutes and never picked it up again.

  2. If this didn’t have the mobile taint, it wouldn’t be bad. There’s more depth to it than the first 10 minutes would reveal, timing knockbacks with ranged specials, watching your positioning, using the scatter button. I like the voxel art. It seems easy to not spend any money. But it’s still a mobile FTP game with all the problems that come with the genre.

  3. I downloaded it with low expectations, but it ended up being pretty cool haha, I mean, It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s simple :)

  4. I’m actually pretty into it and I’m not a pokefanatic. I did play moon and y last but I think this one is fine and I like management in games. I’ve also not paid a penny yet and its gonna remain that way. Sorry developers but f*ck ptp

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