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Ubisoft’s Legendary Fishing Rated For Nintendo Switch By Korean Game Ratings Board

We’ve just informed you that Fortnite is coming to the Nintendo Switch via the Korean Game Ratings Board. Now it turns out that Ubisoft’s Legendary Fishing has also been rated by the Korean Game Ratings Board. That’s another game that will presumably be announced at E3 in Los Angeles this month.

8 thoughts on “Ubisoft’s Legendary Fishing Rated For Nintendo Switch By Korean Game Ratings Board”

  1. More casual shit from Ubisoft. Would love an Assassin’s Creed game or a Ghost Recon game, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six. Pretty much anything other then dancing and fishing…

  2. ok, ubisoft…just stop..stop. enough of your lies and garbage releases. You are not worth it,just go. quit.

    1. What are you ranting about ?
      They gave the Switch the best third party game (in my opinion)
      I don’t care about a fishing game, and if you don,t either, just don’t buy it

  3. So Ubisoft were inspired by Labo? Damn! Turns out the real spice of Nintendo’s E3 might eventually be the Switch online service… Cos most of the other stuff I’m seeing form 3rd party devs is crap.
    As for Ubisoft…. Give us For Honor. That’s all we want.

  4. This is what we get for Nintendo releasing yet another underpowered system. We have to suffer another generation without proper 3rd party support.

    1. we don’t need a third identical machine and get the same games as others.
      Third party support is important, but to be honest with a PC + a Switch I don,t need anything else.
      I have the big AAA games, VR and all the Nintendo + indy games on the go
      I don,t think I played that much video games since I was a teenager in the 90′

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