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Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Confirmed Via Korean Game Ratings Board

You have probably seen the leaked document that appeared last night which showed a number of logos of Nintendo Switch titles that are due to be showcased at E3. The leaked image was confirmed by a number of large publications that had heard similar things. Now Fortnite, which was on the list, has been confirmed by the Korean Game Ratings Board for release on the Nintendo Switch. We shall hear more about the game presumably at E3 2018 later this month.

31 thoughts on “Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Confirmed Via Korean Game Ratings Board”

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        1. Well of course people can play more than one game. I know these battle royales are the hot thing, but there’s plenty who want a small, arena shooter.

          I actually find Fortnite funny, because it’s the definition of trying hard to be trendy. It’s a pop song. Epic started it out trying to grab a piece of the survival genre that was the big thing last year and quite literally saw PUBG and morphed it into that. Worked I guess, but when you compare that to the innovation of Splatoon… it’s a good example of why I’m a Nintendo fan. The rest of the big companies are just watching what emerges from the indie scene, because they can’t afford to take any risks by innovating on their own.

      1. Fortnite is the biggest game being played right now, it’s invaded every forum in some form or another. Splatoon and Fortnite are completely different games, not even close to the same.

  3. Fortnite is awesome, great on my PC. The building aspects of the game make it so much more fun than a normal FPS.


  5. Watched one of Markiplier’s funny moments compilations focused on Fortnite. The game actually looks like fun. The fact the game doesn’t take itself too seriously & is trying to be humorous makes it even better. I honestly wouldn’t mind giving it a run if there is a free version for it on PS4.

    1. I think there is- I downloaded Fortnite onto my PS4 and it’s just sat there since I have no friends to team up with or even ask “where we dropping, boys?”

      …Now that I think about it I wonder if it’s possible to drop in like how everyone jumps from the plane in Deadpool 2 for the sake of doing something funny.

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