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The Nikkei Reports That Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Project Is Dead

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Nintendo has been working on a Quality of Life project for quite some time but it seems as though the long-running project is now dead. This is according to Japanese news site The Nikkei which is a fairly well respected publication. This could have been the reason why Nintendo shares plummeted to their lowest in eighteen months.

27 thoughts on “The Nikkei Reports That Nintendo’s Quality Of Life Project Is Dead”

  1. So, just to make sure everybody understands this correctly, if stock drops it’s due to shareholders being afraid of other shareholders being afraid and selling their stock because they are afraid other shareholders may sell their stock… still following? cool, me neither

  2. If people were investing into Nintendo because of some vague ‘quality of life’ project announced about 5 years ago then they’re stupid cunts to begin with.

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  3. I remember some years ago, that Nintendo was investing in other area’s, incase they ever wanted to leave the gaming market, cause it had a uncertain future according to them. I don’t remember if this was it? I believe it had something to do to make stuff for hospitals and such? Does anyone else remember this?

  4. I think what this QoL was specifically referring to was a kind of device to help people get better quality sleep. It was something Iwata was keen to pursue but after his death I always thought it would probably disappear. I think this proves they are definitely staying firmly with videogames and things associated with it which is good.

  5. It won’t be missed, since Nintendo wasn’t telling jack about this.

    And, honestly, if people invest in something without knowing the details, those people are idiots.

    Now can we resume talking about games? Probably by the time E3 rolls around, the stocks will be back up.

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  7. Good, one step at the time…
    Nintendo is ditching all of iwata’s doing:
    first the wii brand, now the qol…
    the switch…
    Quadraxis, let it sink…

    – Church of Sasori

  8. Distancing themselves from the Wii brand & now the QoL is most likely dead. Iwata’s legacy in regards to Nintendo systems was always a mixed bag. Least he’ll be remembered for better things like Smash, Pokemon, sacrificing some of his own paycheck to keep employees from being fired, and there are probably other things he did good with that I’m not aware of. I’ll give him credit for motion controls being a good thing, too, as they are great when done right. Should consider bringing the sensor bar back, though, as aiming was horrible in BotW for me.

    1. Iwata will be remembered far more for his contributions than his mistakes.

      In addition to what you mentioned, he also saved Earthbound from development hell and had a hand in getting Pokemon Red and Blue released overseas- much like with the original Smash Bros, they weren’t sure if they would do well outside of Japan. Both of those may not have happened without his involvement.

  9. Sad.
    This was one of the last remaining projects Iwata was working on.
    I know it may have been an odd product but it Would be nice to see some additional information or prototypes of what this thing was going to be, at least in honor of Iwata.

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