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GameStop Seeing “Very Steady Level Of Demand” For Both Nintendo Switch Software And Hardware

GameStop has revealed that they are currently seeing a good amount of demand for the Nintendo Switch during the company’s financial call. The company said that sales are very steady at the moment. While the PlayStation 4 is the dominant console it’s encouraging that the Nintendo Switch is continuing to perform well in the territory.

“… with respect to the Switch we did very well at the launch. It was the hottest thing that customers could get their hands on and so it was… we sold a lot of it in the two months of the quarter that it was in the marketplace. I think that we are seeing a very steady level of demand for Switch right now and a very steady level of demand for the Switch games. It’s surprising when I read the reports on a weekly basis how the even Zelda which launched a year ago continues to do on a week-to-week basis.”

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40 thoughts on “GameStop Seeing “Very Steady Level Of Demand” For Both Nintendo Switch Software And Hardware”

    1. No, it means it’s selling at a good level. Check VGChartz. It’s consistently way ahead of Xbox One and isn’t that far behind PS4.

        1. They’re a lot more accurate than any random person would be and when official numbers come they’re not too far off.

          Keep drinking the haterade though.

            1. Just because you’re extremely limiting yourself on what counts as games doesn’t mean it’s a bad console. There’s plenty coming out and a lot of people are excited.

      1. Smash, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, and Pokémon Let’s Go from first parties. Then we have games like Octopath Traveller also coming.

          1. You said not to include ports so I didn’t. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they’re not selling (which they are). Right now I’m playing Donkey Kong and later this month I’m getting Crash Bandicoot. There’s also the Mario + Rabbids DLC this month. Also not all of those games will be Christmas. Yoshi is likely an August release and Smash will be September or October. Octopath is next month.

            Like I said in the other post, keep drinking your haterade.

              1. Then you can have your point then. Doesn’t change the fact that the console is successful and your just being a curmudgeon.

                    1. So did I. The wii u wad backwards compaitable with the wii so we didnt get a bunch of wii ports Take away the wii u ports from the switch and its a joke.

                      1. “Take away the wii u ports from the switch and its a joke.”

                        I’m not sure why people continue to paint this false narrative that Wii U ports are all this console has. Super Mario Odyssey and Breath Of The Wild are new games. They won loads of awards and are still selling. Splatoon 2 is also a new game. Mario & Rabbids, too. And ARMS. And Xenoblade Chronicles 2. As well as Kirby Star Allies. Mario Tennis Aces has been a big hit, thanks to the free demo earlier this month, and it doesn’t come out for another 2 weeks. Smash, Pokemon, Yoshi, Metroid, and more are coming in the future. Again, all of these are new games. If you’re wanting games, there you go. None of those are indies. Or old ports. They’re brand new, original games. Sure, there are ports, but that’s not why the Switch has been successful. I understand if these games do not interest you, but I don’t understand lying about a console’s library.

                        1. I wasnt lying about the consoles library and I didnt say the switch only had wii u ports. imo the current library is a joke. Some people like the games you mentioned and thats fine. They havent had much so far this year though.

                        2. Take away the last gen ports at the beginning of PS4 as well and that system was a joke. Ports are the reality we live in and I’ve learned to deal with it. The only difference with the Switch is that the Wii U was such a failure all the ports are like new games to a ton of people.

                            1. The Switch is also going to be getting the typical third party support of past Nintendo handhelds. Several games like SMT, Layton, and Ace Attorney are already confirmed.

              2. I mean whatever, I have a PS4 too and have to say I’ve been playing my Switch way more. As a matter of fact, for my tastes, the Switch has more games than I can afford and I’m including indie games as well because despite the budgets, some of those games are great and even better than a lot of AAA games imo.

                Many of the games I have on PS4 are ports I missed out on from PS3 and I’m sure there’s a lot of people who missed out on Wii U games so those ports on Switch are new to them. I can understand your opinions and you don’t have to like the same games I do or any other Nintendo fan likes but what I don’t get is why on earth would you hang out all day on a Nintendo fan site and spew bs about how we don’t have games when obviously the games you have are not good enough to keep you occupied enough to avoid trolling on MNN.

                Think what you want about the Switch library because those of us who are enjoying our Switch know better, but why you are here to try and tell us we don’t have games or our games aren’t any good, instead of just playing your games you like is mind boggling to me.

              3. The early part of the year is always slowest, with Summer-Holiday season tending to have the biggest gaming releases. Also, we are still dealing with the fact that games coming out now, either began development before the Switch kits were available (Soul Calibur 6 comes to mind) or before the Switch was a known success (DBFZ could fit into this one) or even began Switch development a little later, causing a delayed release. (Wolfenstein II) We did just get RE7, SF 30th anniversary and such, so there’s plenty more than those two games.

                The game list is about to get really good. Dragon Quest X/XI, DQ Heroes 1&2, DQ Builders 1&2, Octopath Traveler (Square just created an entire studio dedicated to making Switch exclusives) Starlink Battle for Atlas, Mega Man 11, Mega Man X collection 1&2,Crash and Spyro Trilogies, Team Sonic Racing, Pokemon Lets Go, Smash Bros, Pikmin 4 (it was almost finished last year) NBA 2K19, FIFA 19, Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, V-Rally 4, GRIP racing, Fortnite, Paladins, DBFZ, and who knows how many other surprises we’ll see at E3.

                Over time, this trend of AAA titles being released for Switch later, will end. Kits are out, more games have begun development after Switch was a known success that ALSO sells third party titles, so we’ll see far more releases as the Switch ages. Based on development cycles, release windows and such, this was always going to be the slowest time for the Switch’s life, and it’s really not that bad. Some of the ports are absolutely brilliant and they are good gap fillers.

              4. Nintendo has rubbed me the wrong way during the Wii & Wii U eras, but I’m not gonna bash the Switch’s library as it’s far from having a drought. I hate to use such a harsh name calling insult as I’m trying to steer clear of that shit these days but sometimes, the shoe just fits: You’re a dumbshit if you think the Switch is having a factual game drought. If you weren’t trying to push your personal opinion that the Switch doesn’t have many games that interest you as a bogus fact that the system somehow has a game drought, I’d stay out of this but ugh. Are you trying to replace Sasori as the clown of this blog or what? Well you’re on that path if you keep pushing this “fact” of yours. Whatever, though. If you want to be seen as a dumbshit, that’s ultimately your problem, not mine.

          2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||Not good enough, put in more recources or smash that place down to ashes…||

          3. I give gamestop another 10 years max until they go completely under. Too many services that render gamestop useless these days like (commander plz understand) xbox gamepass and digital downloads.

            1. GameFly is doing digital streaming, too. I got their app on my Samsung 4K smarthub. Just need to buy a Steam controller specifically for it & Steam (and any other PC related games I might get one day.)

            2. As for GameStop itself, I can’t predict if & when they’ll go under. They are doing a lot of things that will keep them relevant even if & when physical gaming does become less of a thing. They sell more than just games nowadays so I believe they’ll be fine for quite a while.

            3. Studio’s are more and more trying to sell direct, to take in more of the potential profit. Also the business model is changing, like Fortnite, where they sell the game for less, but charge $10 for battle passes to level up quicker and for outfits and stuff. That stuff adds up over time, if you play the game for 2 years, you’ll have spent over $200 on the game that’s supposed to be free.

              But yea, I don’t even give gamestop 10 years, maybe 5 years before they end up like Sears and Kmart.

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