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The Unravel Two Team Wanted Game On Switch But Port Would Have Been A Lot Of Work For Small Team

One of the surprise titles during EA’s E3 conference yesterday was the announcement of a sequel to the charming Unravel for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The small team behind the EA Original’s title have taken to Twitter since the announcement to say that they would have loved Unravel Two on the Nintendo Switch but they said that the graphically impressive title would have taken a lot of work to run on the platform and they do not have the resources at the moment to make it happen.

21 thoughts on “The Unravel Two Team Wanted Game On Switch But Port Would Have Been A Lot Of Work For Small Team”

  1. It’s money on the table until then. Seems like a lot of indie multiplats have higher sales on switch vs other platforms… assuming they release them all on the same date.

    1. EA doesn’t own them. They took part in an initiative EA started for small dev teams where they would handle the publishing and advertising on a per-game basis.

      1. yeah and ea hates money so putting out a bit of extra cash to increase earning makes just no sense. i get it now, sorry for before.

  2. Should really have been designed for Switch in the first place then ported to the other consoles later. They’ve got their market wrong but I wish them well, they will need some luck on those platforms. A Switch version would’ve probably paid for their next game so it’s a real shame.

  3. Maybe Nintendo could make them also part of the “Nindies” campaign and help them out. I don’t see why not, and the game would for sure sell best on Switch.

  4. The string of yarn keeping the two characters attached made me think of the Ice Climbers.

    Forget Ice Climbers for Smash! A Ice Climbers reboot for Switch is what Nintendo should be making! No. How about both!? Like now!

  5. How about Unravel 1 then.

    We need more platformers, rather than just the 8-bit-esque retro indie games.

  6. Thats the only thing about devs in this age back then they used to work with hardware and software but now, these devs only work in software so porting, lowering graphics for specific hardware is deemed too much for them. I remember when sound engineers could code and level design. One guy could do 3 things. Now its one guy for one thing because they literally don’t know how to do more than that one job.

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