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Oceanhorn Physical Edition Available Now From Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games are on a roll today with their physical release announcements. We’ve just heard about Yooka-Laylee and now they have announced that Oceanhorn will also be getting a physical release. The great thing is it’s available now on the Limited Run Games website.

8 thoughts on “Oceanhorn Physical Edition Available Now From Limited Run Games”

    1. A waddle dee in Smash would be so messed up (and a little funny, I guess.) It’d be like making a playable Goomba from Super Mario World as a playable Smash character. xD

        1. The only way I’d be okay with a Waddle Dee or Goomba getting into Smash is if it’s a unique character that just so happens to be of the species. Like Goombario or Goombella of Paper Mario, to name two such characters, who had their own abilities that set them apart from the rest of their species.

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