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The Elder Scrolls Legends Is Coming To Switch Later This Year

Bethesda‘s E3 2018 conference is currently underway as of this article’s writing, and the company has already shared news of a game that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The Elder Scrolls Legends, a strategy card game, will be releasing on the Switch later this year. It is also slated for a release on Xbox One and Playstation 4. The official trailer is down below.

8 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls Legends Is Coming To Switch Later This Year”

  1. Tried this out and itโ€™s very much like a HearthStone. Hope they add better backgrounds during battles though but overall if you like Hearthstone and want it on Switch, this is a decent alternative imo. Not to shabby and at least Bethesda considered the Switch and proved a game like this can work on the console.

      1. The thing really is, that games like these are maybe even better on an ipad with a big screen (if we’re talking about mobility). The Switch’s strength is the ability to pull off home console experiences and offer them on the go. But games like this and Fallout Shelter don’t make any use of this. So why should I play something like this on a Switch instead of the tablet or phone I’m carrying with me all the time, has more battery and is the number 1 target hardware of that? No reason.

        But here’s a thing, Bethesda: I preferred playing Skyrim on my Switch over all the other available systems. In all those years I never got so deep into that game and the Switch totally opened it up for me. They don’t have to do something supernew. New Vegas Remastered would be perfectly fine for me. But no. They don’t announce anything except of 2 iPhone ports. Damn, what sales did they expect from Skyrim? It sold a million copies, ain’t that enough to build on?

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