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Fallout Shelter Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch “Tonight”

Bethesda is still holding their E3 2018 conference as of this article’s writing. Once again, another Switch title was announced. Fallout Shelter is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 tonight. The game will also be a free download. As for the game’s controls, you will be able to use the touch screen or the Joy-Con. Here is an official tweet about the matter:

52 thoughts on “Fallout Shelter Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch “Tonight””

    1. Generally I don’t need it to feel too much like Fallout but be a good game. But it looks a bit like aDLC campaign for F4. Hopefully there’s gonna be more to it, but for now I’ll pass. Generally there’s somehow nothing so far that really got me excited. Not at EA’s keynote, not at MS … I expected much from Bethesda, but doesn’t even seem like we’re gonna see an elder scrolls 6 within the next 2-3 years (which at least extends my Skyrim-Switch’s lifespan).

      Starfield might really be something huge though but also years away.

      1. Really? From what they showed off of Fallout 76, it looks like a big improvement over F4. The online connected world seems awesome (if implemented correctly of course, which is why they will be holding a BETA) and the fact that you can build anywhere, and take what you build with you anywhere is an awesome feature. The whole team seems really committed to getting the best possible product in the hands of the fans. Only time will tell though!

  1. Keep this up & Bethesda could get rated the #1 Publisher 2 years in a row. Plenty of support from them for a wide range of gaming systems, computers, & even smartphones and tablets.

    1. You call me a dumbshit in a previous article and think this and a card game is good support for the switch? as you said I don’t like to be mean but please jump off a bridge.

      1. Listen. Most of these games that where announced did not list the consoles the games are gonna be on. So please use your brains before saying stupid things

      2. You must have forgot about Doom & Skyrim that released last year on Switch. Then there is Wolfenstein II that is releasing this month. So with the 2 games they announced coming to Switch tonight, that’s 5 games from them on Switch (so far.) So no. I’m not spewing bullshit like you because least what I said has some actual facts behind it.

        Funny how I didn’t resort to insults in my first comment to you the other night but the moment I throw an insult at you in my subsequent comment, now you got something to say to me? That tells me that you are just a troll looking for negative attention so you can fight with people. So I’m sorry for calling you a dumbshit. That’s clearly not your problem. You actually have what I’m gonna start calling trollololitis I’m sorry to tell you this but the only cure for having trollololitis is becoming a semi-mature human being. This also requires not telling people to kill themselves because they called you a bad word that sadly fit you at the time of them saying it.

        1. maybe doom but the rest, nope and I dont even think the new doom will come. skyrim is a ps3 game lol. huge next gen oen world games like starfield and elder scrolls 6 have no chance.

        2. im a troll looking for attention? says the guy pretending the switch has any relevant games this year so far. unless you like an average kirby game and mario tennis. if you think that ok then you need higher standards.

          1. Maybe not relevant to me & you but they are definitely relevant for the many that bought them on their Switch or plan to buy them for their Switch. And being ports doesn’t make them any less relevant if a couple hundred thousand or even a few million people are interested enough to buy it; or buy it again if they already own it. Considering every convo you’ve had recently with other people that mentioned plenty of games for Switch, I know saying that stuff means little to you as you’ll just spew whatever delusional crap that comes to that little head of yours. Anyways, I learned over the last 2-3 years of dealing with Wii U & Switch that support is support regardless of how many games they release, regardless of whether the game is brand new or a port, & regardless of how big or small the games are. EA’s support, for example, is terrible but it’s still support.

            And what else could you mean when telling someone to jump off of a bridge? Other than bungee jumping or base jumping/paragliding, what else do you think people tend to jump off a bridge for exactly? lol There was nothing in your comment that suggested any of these things so “kill yourself” is the only other logical thing such a phrase could mean.

              1. If you think everyone that types kys out is joking, I think you are the one that isn’t online very often. You must miss the vocal (and often times toxic) minority on the internet making death threats to people like Ninja Theory. Or the countless amounts of bullying that happens online.

      3. Oh & it also requires not trying to push your opinions as some bogus fact that can’t be rebuked. If ya gonna do that bullshit, you should go join the comment sections of Star Wars articles. You’ll fit right in with the rest of the toxic humans trying to call people “not a true fan” because they have a positive, or negative, opinion in regards to The Last Jedi & Solo.

    2. I won’t say their support is bad, but phone-games on Switch is kind of missing the point if you ask me. I already have a phone which is portable, better resolution and battery life. I bet a gooood chunck of people already has that as well. But, yeah. They’ve got a couple of other games there, so it’s a bonus. Even though Skyri-*cough**cough*.
      Doom on Switch is impressive af, hope Doom 2 appears there as well.

      1. Considering Nintendo hasn’t had their event yet, it’s quite possible we haven’t even seen everything Bethesda will be bringing to the Switch just yet.

            1. The one Norwegian movie which have that famous quote, is copyrighted to h3ll and back, so can’t find on YT xD Probably have to make something myself if you’re interested enough.

              1. If you don’t mind, sure. I know sayings from other languages tend to sound better in it’s native language than they do when translated to English. (I recall an episode from Modern Family where Gloria said something in Spanish that sounded bad in English.)

    1. It’s clearly in early development, hence the teaser being only under a minute long. It’ll be awhile before we hear of any release date or even release systems.

  2. Gamingfan2009 shut the fuck up, if you don’t like that there aren’t many games for the switch this year then go away and throw your complaints to someone else. No one wants to listen to your bullshit.

  3. Net neutrality begings today thanks to the USA goverment of Murica. I hope people riot so that they see that people are not stupid enough to pay for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other services that must be free of charge.

    1. Uhm. Net neutrality is about keeping the internet free. It’s why that prick Ajit Pai of the FCC was trying to kill it so his buddies at AT&T and other internet companies like them can charge websites like Facebook money to keep their sites running fast which would result in websites like Facebook to actually charge their users to use the website as they’d need the money to keep their site fast for their users. So whoever or whatever told you that net neutrality would lead to users paying for Facebook, Twitter, etc were lying to you.

        1. Ah. Just another instance of “We need an edit button, WordPress!” I read a week or two ago that the government could quite possibly overturn the FCC’s ruling, so it could still live on awhile longer.

  4. I honestly thought Bethesda has an excellent E3, and I have hopes that we’ll see Fallout 4 and the new Doom for Switch, as well. I can’t see Fallout Shelter coming without some sort of game to tie into.

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