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Fire Emblem Heroes Special Heroes Summoning Event Happening Tomorrow

Nintendo’s well-received strategic mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes is having a special event for players. The game will have a Special Hero summoning event tomorrow Thursday, 21st of June. Summer’s Arrival will feature Noire, Cordelia, Tana, and Innes and will start at 4pm PT.

4 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes Special Heroes Summoning Event Happening Tomorrow”

  1. Fire Emblem sure has come a long way, it used to be a small niche series with a dedicated fanbase and yet now it’s 1 of Nintendo’s big hitters with major releases, a mobile game that’s always getting support, and even remakes of the older games! I’m glad the series went mainstream and finally got the attention it deserved.

    1. Went mainstream while still keeping most of what makes the games special. If people don’t like the “waifu” stuff or the casual & no-permadeath modes, they can ignore them.

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