Fire Emblem Heroes Special Heroes Summoning Event Happening Tomorrow

Nintendo’s well-received strategic mobile title Fire Emblem Heroes is having a special event for players. The game will have a Special Hero summoning event tomorrow Thursday, 21st of June. Summer’s Arrival will feature Noire, Cordelia, Tana, and Innes and will start at 4pm PT.



  1. Fire Emblem sure has come a long way, it used to be a small niche series with a dedicated fanbase and yet now it’s 1 of Nintendo’s big hitters with major releases, a mobile game that’s always getting support, and even remakes of the older games! I’m glad the series went mainstream and finally got the attention it deserved.

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    1. Went mainstream while still keeping most of what makes the games special. If people don’t like the “waifu” stuff or the casual & no-permadeath modes, they can ignore them.

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      1. One of the reasons I didn’t get Fates. If Three Houses ends up being more of the same, I’ll skip that, too.


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